Prevent Hair Fall by Simply Following This Quick 10 Step Checklist!

1… 2… 3… and so on! So many strands on your hairbrush, and gosh – a bad start of the day! I’ll do something about it tonight, once am back from home! And then, we all get set to face the hectic day waiting for us – exposure to the sun, dust, stress and what not?

Not anymore! We know that ‘tonight’ is never going to come. You need to act now to prevent hair fall. Here is a quick checklist to fight off with the problem.

  1. Is it really a serious condition?



Well, losing those a few strands is a normal ritual. Determine the urgency of the situation – how much are you losing? Are they clogging your drains every time you wash your hair? If yes, it is the time to act now!

  1. How healthy is your scalp?



Dandruff, flaky or itchy? If yes, it is already high time that you start taking care of your scalp or else get ready to lose your long manes. Ketomac is great in helping against dandruff.

  1. Watch your diet

Make sure to have a well-balanced diet in your schedule. Intake a lot of proteins – that’s what our hair is made up of, after all. Have vitamin A, vitamin B and C in your diet. Taking Vitamin B complex capsules would suffix for any vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin C is found in Amla. Intake a spoon of Amla powder with luke warm water every night before sleeping. Drink more and more water – this is what our hair shaft is made up of. Including vitamin E in your diet also does wonders.

  1. Get hair massage at least once a week



Yes, that grandma’s trick of getting chumpi at least once a week benefits hair. Much better, if you get a hot oil massage! It works by improving the blood circulation in your head, and moreover, releases you off stress. Get hair massage at least once a week before washing your hair. You can get the massage a night before you shampoo.

  1. Follow a proper shampoo and conditioning schedule

Don’t change your shampoo and conditioners too often. Moreover, stick to a family of brands, and use both shampoo and conditioner from the same brand for outstanding results.

  1. Say hello to spa



Getting a professional spa at least once a month would have an everlasting impact on your strands – making them strong and shiny.

  1. Sleep and sleep!

Yes, we bring to you one more reason to grab those sound 8 hours of sleep. Alterations in our sleeping patterns have adverse effects on hormone secretion, body’s immunity and stamina. Our hair is very sensitive to such changes, and triggering hair loss is how they react to the changes.

  1. Avoid unnecessary combing

Comb only when it is necessary, at least during those bad hair days when you are having excessive hair shedding. Combing unnecessary would further make you lose a few more strands.

  1. Check your water pH

If you recently moved to a new place, your water pH might also be a big culprit behind your plight. Check if the water is too hard, and if yes, try alternative options. Hard water is unhealthy for your hair, thus leading to hair shedding.

  1. Chill out


Above all, just chill out! Stress takes a toll on your hair. It is said when you are stressed, body’s mechanism starts attacking hair follicles, thus gifting you with hair loss. Indulge yourself in shopping, travelling, spa – whatever keeps you at peace.