10 Amazing Things We Are Eagerly Looking Forward To In The Summers

It’s almost time to bid goodbye to the winters and welcome summers with a huge wide hug.

Enjoying ice cream each day, wearing short cute clothes, late night dinner dates and so more, summers are oh-so-fabulous. Here are a few things we look forward to having in the summers!

  1. Indian premier league

Yes, IPL has now become a season in India and we cannot wait for the IPL to start. A unique part of IPL match is that each of one in the group is mostly supporting some other team and in-house clash makes the match even more interesting. That one and a half month are super entertaining and we cannot wait for it to start.

  1. Hill station vacations



You know what is the best part about summers? It is escaping to the hills to enjoy the best hilly vacations. Sleeping in the cozy wooden cottages, waking up to the beautiful sunrise with the hot cuppa coffee and cuddling all day long during the summers is an amazing feeling.

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  1. Mocktail parties

summer mocktails


We all love the cocktails and mocktail but enjoying these fancy cold drinks is not possible during the winters. But, hey summers are approaching and we can enjoy these parties to the fullest.

  1. Season of mangoes and watermelons

Do you love mangoes? Ohh silly me! We all love mangoes and yes, Mango season is coming and we cannot contain our excitement. And, watermelons too!

  1. Hello, summer dresses



One of the top reasons why I love summers is because I get to wear cute and sexy summer dresses. Every girl who loves fashion looks forward to the summers because it is totally our season when we can style our outfits daily.

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  1. Old school summer refreshments

Remember those days when we used to get back home from the school and start sipping our favorite orange drinks, eat kulfi, ice candies and the fruity popsicles? The season for this is finally coming and you must indulge yourself in all these old-school cool things.

  1. Summer internships to grab some good offers

summer internships


What is the best way to utilize your time during the summers? If you are a student or a freelancer, you must check out some cool opportunities from some big companies and get your hands on some cool and worthy summer internships.

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  1. Summer wedding season

India has wedding season all year round. It is just not confined to the winters, though. Flowy dresses, beautiful prints and what not J

  1. Amazing Bollywood movies

We can never ignore Bollywood ever. This year we are sure to view some amazing Bollywood movies during the summers. We don’t know the results but we are anticipating that some of the movies would turn out really good. Actually, they must.

  1. Summer study courses

One is never too old or never too young to learn something. And when it comes to knowledge, you must always keep increasing it and adding skills to your resume. Check out some of the best summer courses online and offline and utilize this summer.

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Pooja Singh

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