10 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day Together

Friendship day is just around the corner and we want you guys to celebrate it in a special way, quite different from what you have been doing so far. We know, you must have done a lot of drunk scenes, road trips and went on a shopping spree with your bestie. Let’s go past these offbeat friendship day celebration ideas. Instead, let’s do something new this time.

Rest assured, you are going to love these amazing friendship day celebration ideas!

  1. Go on an adventure trip

friendship day celebration ideas


And by adventure we mean, total adventure. Trekking, hiking, camping would be something that you could enjoy on your adventure trip. If you haven’t been on any adventure trip yet, then this could be something really exciting. So, this friendship’s day, make sure you explore the unexplored with your BFF!

  1. Oath on a dance routine

Either for a week, for a month or even for a longer period, you can take an oath to take up a dance routine. This could be something fun and new. What’s more? This could also serve as a fun fitness routine for you girls.

An additional bonus is that you will learn a new dance form in the process. Sounds cool, right? Tag your BFF straightaway in this post. *wink*

  1. Enjoy binge watching chick flick

friendship day celebration ideas 1


Though #NotAChickFlick is doing rounds all over but watching some really good chick flick can be totally entertaining and an amazing plan. Ditch those romcom series and indulge yourself in some chick flick and have a gala time together.

  1. Memories over stories

We want you to do some extravagant things with your bestie. Just do not sit with your social media and keep updating the regular stories with random food and selfies. Make memories and move over stories. Do something great that you remember for a long time rather than updating 24 hours stories. You got the point, right?

  1. Go to a theme park

friendship day celebration ideas


For enjoying the rides, clicking pictures and being the kid again – visit a theme park with your bestie. We are pretty sure you have done this in your childhood, so what better can be rather than this one to rekindle your childhood memories and become a kid again.

  1. Go to an old school style picnic

Do you remember how excited you used to become when the annual class picnics or the society picnics were conducted? All you did was packing food, getting the best dress on and packing a lot of games. It is not too late to do this again. It will be a hell lot of fun and something different than partying on Saturdays.

  1. Sink in the couch with video games and popcorn

friendship day celebration ideas


You can also include pancakes, waffles, pizzas and all things tasty. Just take a day off from everything and sink in your comfiest couch, get your pajamas on and start with your video game fever. Trust us, you won’t even know where the time flew.

  1. Plan an expensive staycation

Trips are so overrated these days. Staycation is the new vacation which should be in your to-do list. And quite honestly, these are far better than vacations. You don’t have to explore new places there is no stress to wear good outfits and anything. All you have to do is relax, sleep, eat good food, have a good bath time and watch TV.

  1. Cook for a day together

friendship day celebration ideas


Get past over ordering food online. Try something new, you can cook together for one full day. Be it the simplest Maggi or any simple Indian food, try cooking together. It will be so much fun.

  1. Book a spa session together

What could be better than chilling with your bestie? And when it comes to chilling, book a spa session together! You guys will be so relaxed and this day would be the best day of your life with just one small move. Try it, it works.

Featured image: Pexels

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