10 BFF Tattoo Designs Which Are Lit And Cute At The Same Time

We all love our besties, way too much. We have done lots of crazy stuff which would stay with us forever. But, did you guys have a tattoo together? Yayy! That sounds super interesting, right. We show you some of the BFF tattoo designs here so that you are sorted.

  1. The wild and safe

BFF Tattoo DesignsDon’t all your wilder sides come at the front door when you are with your bestie? Also, you both keep each other safe. Let the world know this.

  1. This cute AF girl

BFF Tattoo DesignsSomething similar and identical as a BFF tattoo always works. This cute little girl having a cute hairstyle can be a great tattoo for you both. Somehow it could predict that these two are you two, totally similar.

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  1. Let’s own the universe

BFF Tattoo DesignsThe moon and the stars are romantic but one of them on the shoulders of each other is really very cute. These are minimalistic and pretty BFF pretty designs.

  1. Through the thick and thin

BFF Tattoo DesignsHave you survived every fight, breakups, ups and downs, failures, success, craziness and every other thing with your bestie? Then this design tattoo design is perfect for you.

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  1. The wings to fly

BFF Tattoo DesignsYou know you both are the angles and you just need those wings and you are always ready to fly. This half-half design on both of your fingers is totally lit.

  1. Keep the fingers crossed

BFF Tattoo DesignsI am sure you want to keep your fingers crossed for your friendship and you would not want to get it over anyway. So, let’s be a little superstitious.

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  1. Keep it savage AF

BFF Tattoo DesignsIf you are someone who is never afraid to be what you are and would never shy to show off the real you to the entire world, then this BFF tattoo is for you.

  1. Soul sisters

BFF Tattoo DesignsDo we need to say anything about this beautiful tattoo design? This is our personal favorite if we had to choose.

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  1. Love, love and more love

BFF Tattoo DesignsSomething basic but deep is always a yes. A bit modified XOXO design including the hearts are so cute and irresistible. This simple tattoo sums up the entire love of both of you.

  1. Time to be a unicorn

BFF Tattoo DesignsDon’t know whether the unicorns exist or not, but we believe they do because they are so magical and pretty. Having them tattooed would be the best thing ever.

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Tattoo designs: Pinterest

Top Image & Featured Image: Pexels