10 Creative DIY Sneaker Ideas To Spruce Them Up For Monsoon

Sneakers are the current obsession. No doubt, they provide the comfort chic look. But, what if we say that you can spruce up your old pair of sneakers through some cool DIY tricks?

P.S. – These DIY sneaker ideas are as easy as expecting the rains in monsoon.

Let’s start exploring.

  1. Block It, Pop It

fanciest DIY sneaker ideas


Color blocking and color popping are one of the easiest and the fanciest DIY sneaker ideas. All you have to do is take a bright color and paint half of your sneakers with it just like this. Super simple, right?

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  1. Let the lace do the talking

colorful ribbons and laces on your sneakers


This is yet another DIY sneaker idea by using a multi-colored lace. You just have to paint the lace of the shoe in multi colors and let it dry. Now, just lace the sneakers up. You can use different types of laces for the same sneakers, every time. Or you can also use colorful ribbons and laces on your sneakers.

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  1. Highlight the detailings

shoes a pop of color and detailing


If you want to give your shoes a pop of color and detailing, then you can use different paints and colors to highlight all the detailing. You can also use some funky laces. Get your creativity on spot and prepare your sneakers for the monsoon.

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  1. Fake the bows

Ribbons to make a bow and stick it on your sneakers


Are you obsessed with everything cute, pink and bows? Well, I am and if you are too then you can add a bow on your sneakers. You can also use the ribbons to make a bow and stick it on your sneakers on the front area to make it look uber cute.

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  1. Scribble and doodle

scribble and doodle


Simple creativity like scribble and doodle can transform your sneakers almost instantly. You can use some of the long lasting markers and pens for this. You can scribble whatever you want and make it cute and show your vibes through your shoes.

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  1. Stencils are bae

stencil art on your sneakers


Remember how we used to do the stencil art when we were in school? Just go nostalgic and start doing stencil art on your sneakers and you will never go wrong with such DIY sneaker ideas. They are something not too common.

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  1. Cut it, paste it

cutest way to revamp your sneakers


Another cutest way to revamp your sneakers is to cut some cute, different and unique patches and make a collage sort of thing on your sneakers by pasting those fabrics. Use some fabric glue and they will be stuck there forever. This would make your shoes look really unique and creative.

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  1. Oh so stud

 gold or silver studs on your sneakers


If you want to give an edgy look to your shoes that would sustain this weather, then you can play the stud game on it. Take some gold or silver studs and stick them on your sneakers either in any pattern or just randomly. You will surely love the new look.

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  1. All that glitters

glitters on your sneakers


I love everything which glitters and sparkles. The sparkles have a charm of their own and I would surely try this idea on my sneakers. Take some glue and paint your sneakers with it. Before letting the glue dry, sprinkle some glitters and sparkles on it. You can also apply the clear nail paint after the glitters are stuck and dry so that they do not come out.

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  1. Rainbow on my shoes

Rainbow on my shoes


I love rainbows and I will so happy if I can see them daily. So, I got an idea, I will paint them on my shoes. The best way to do is take a big palette and mix various colors on it. Now take a sponge and dab on it and dab the sponge on the sneakers. This would take around two to three takes till you are done.

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