10 Cute Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Bestie That Would Make Her Feel Special

Besties are the best creatures on this planet. They are sometimes even better than the man in our lives. They are the ones who know our darkest secrets.

So, when her birthday is round the corner, you surely ought to plan something exciting and special. Here are some amazing birthday celebration ideas for your bestie.

  1. Gift her something quirky for the next day

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Bestie


Yes, you read that right. If you want to gift something unique and fun to her, gift her something to wear the next day. Like you can give her a slogan tee shirt which is relatable for that day or you can also get it customized for her. Ask her to wear it and click pictures and flood the social media.

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  1. Number of gifts as per age

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Bestie


One of the amazing ideas to celebrate your bestie’s birthday is by giving her same number of gifts as her age. Trust me, she would never want to grow old but if one gets gifts according to her age, who won’t love to celebrate growing older?

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  1. Selfies at NGO or orphanage

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Bestie


If you want to make your BFF’s birthday a bit more special, then plan a date with her to the NGO or the orphanage. This is something she will always be thankful to you. Click lots of selfies with the NGO or the orphanage kids. She will cherish these moments of spreading smiles, forever.

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  1. Girlfriend getaway

You may have always gone on road trips or holidays with lots of your friends. But, on her birthday, just plan a getaway with her. Maybe to the nearest hill station or to a beach. Plan it according to her preference and enjoy the girl time there.

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  1. Tie her a friendship bracelet

One of the most amazing ideas to celebrate your bestie’s birthday is by tying her a handmade bracelet. Make her feel special and important. Make her think that she is so special that you have spent some time to make such a pretty bracelet for her. That will be one of the most special accessories for her.

  1. Attend a karaoke night

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Bestie


If you are looking for amazing ideas to celebrate your bestie’s birthday in a new and exciting way, then instead of partying at a normal restaurant, you can plan a date night at the karaoke concert. You can have a wonderful karaoke night and sing your heart out to your favorite songs. Also, you can shout out about her birthday over there to make her feel even more special.

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  1. Girly sleepovers

For a girl, there is nothing better than a sleepover with her girl gang. After the birthday is over, you can surprise your bestie with a sleepover. Call your entire girl gang at her place and you can make all the arrangements for the girliest sleepover ever. Keep the movie series ready along with your cookies, favorite drinks and more. Make her feel that her birthday is yet not over and more is left in the store.

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  1. Balloons and messages

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Bestie


Everyone loves the decoration and the theme parties on their birthdays. So, another one of the most amazing ideas to celebrate your bestie’s birthday is to decorate and fill the entire room with colorful balloons. You can stick a message and a photo each on every balloon.

  1. Make her the princess

Make your bestie’s birthday even more special by crowning her. Place a beautiful and a quirky crown on her head while she is in middle of her birthday party. Also, you can get a cross body chain designed for her on which her name and happy birthday is written. Make her wear it and let her live her day.

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  1. Give her the wittiest tasks

You can plan various witty tasks for her on her birthday. Make a few chits with the things which are not so tough but very fun. Ask her to do all those things by picking each chit throughout the day. You can also tempt her by saying that when she completes each task, she wins a gift.

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