10 DIY Gifts For BFF You Need To Try Today

Why wait for a special occasion to gift something to your BFF? Everyday is a special day with her, no? To mark the precious years of your friendship and to witness that ever glowing smile on her face, why not to surprise her with some cute DIY gifts for BFF?

  1. A 365 note jar

DIY gifts for BFF


How about gifting your BFF with something that she will cherish every single day for a year or even more than that? Yes, take out some time and make a 365 note jar. All you need is a cute glass jar, various colored papers, a pen, and a ribbon to decorate your jar.

Simply, make small notes out of various colored papers and jot down your memories. You can pick up a specific color theme for every type of message. Pink might go for reasons you love her, green for the fact of the day, orange for the quote of the day, yellow for the remember when and white for feeling lucky!

Just imagine, how lucky your BFF will feel, for you would be the reason to make her day every morning!

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  1. How about making a personalized Nutella?


DIY gifts for BFF


If your BFF is a great Nutella fan, well, nothing can leave her happier than this DIY creative idea!

All you need is a box of Nutella, a sheet of paper, fevicol, a few photos, a spoon and a ribbon.

Simply decorate the Nutella jar with photos and your messages. Take a spoon and secure it firmly with the help of ribbon. This would surely earn you full marks for creativity!

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  1. DIY dotted sharpie mug



Needless to say, you have already gifted many mugs to your bestie. But did you gift a one that was made by you? No, right? Well, then read on how to do it!

All you need is a white mug, oil based sharpie paint pen, craft stickers, nail polish remover and q tips and an oven!

You can pick up a sticker with your BFF’s initial. Place it wherever you like and make small dots using a sharpie oil based paint pen. Make them highly concentrated near the edge of the sticker and place them some distance as you move out. Allow it to dry and keep it in a preheated oven to 350 degrees and let you mug sit inside for 30 minutes. Voila, you’re done!

You can read more about the procedure here.

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  1. A photo collage for your dorm room

DIY gifts for BFF


No matter how distant you’re, you can still make your bestie think of you through this quick photo collage. All you need is a hanger, a few strings, ribbons, and photos.

Take a hanger and decorate it with ribbons and strings. Paste photos over a string, placing it vertically, equally spaced.

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  1. A DIY manicure jar



Is your BFF mad for a manicure? Believe us, this is the gift that she will love – a manicure jar! All you need is a cute glass jar, a shimmery ribbon, nail polishes, nail cutter, and other related tools and some cotton! Just place all these contents smartly inside the jar and decorate it.

For the more detailed procedure, visit this.

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  1. A DIY scrapbook

DI/y gifts for BFF


You’re never too old to have a scrapbook and what better way it could be than a scrapbook to document all your memories? Won’t you like to share your sisterly bond with your kids some 20 years down the line?

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  1. Surprise her with balloon

DIY gifts for BFF


Balloons would surely bring an instant smile on her face. All you need is a cardboard, an inflated balloon, and a string!

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  1. How about an Oreo bomb?

DIY gifts for BFF


Take three Oreo packets (or the ones that she likes) and decorate them nicely. Put a handmade sticker on them saying something like ‘you’re the bomb’ or ‘From a bomb, to a bomb’ 😉

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  1. A balloon room, anyone?

DIY gifts for BFF


Attach balloons to a photo and write your wishes or a cute message behind them. Just keep your video on to record as to how your bestie jumps with happiness!

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  1. A photos letter

DIY gifts for BFF


Carved out a letter on a cardboard, preferably, the initials of your BFF. Overload it with lot of cuteness, photos and messages. She will definitely love the creativity and the message behind.

Try out today!

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