10 Minimal Styling Tips To Always Look Put Together 

“How does she always look so perfect and how are all her pictures so fab?” Yes, we know you deal with this a lot of times when you are on Instagram and so do all of us.

This is the first world problem that always arises when we see a celeb coming out of the airport or the influencers in their most minimal shoots.

They always look put together from head to toe. This is something that we can imbibe, can’t we?

All you need to do is follow the below styling tips religiously like a habit and you will look at your best. 

P.S – Don’t worry we won’t tell you to hire a stylist or revamp your wardrobe. Nope!

Determine what looks great on you

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First of all, we all are different body types and what looks great on you might not look even decent on me. So, figuring out what looks great on you is the starting key to fish out all the things that your body isn’t ready for. Also, an outfit that makes you more confident should be your go-to outfit. 

Doing the accessories the correct way

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Cliche but true! Wearing some minimal accessories can always lift your look to the top-notch. You can trust on some golden finger rings, dainty earrings, and layered neck pieces.

Make sure to choose the accessory according to your outfit and the occasion you are dressed up for. Don’t overdo it. Some basic accessories like belts, bags, sunglasses, and scarves should also be counted. 

Correct inner wear is the look uplifter 

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Believe it or not, wrong inner wear gives you a wrong shape and everything becomes drab thereafter. It is just not a fact that you need different kinds of bras for different outfits, it is the truth that you need to accept.

Straps showing off from an off-shoulder top is the biggest turnoff ever. So, our styling tips will include wearing the correct shaped bras and panties (seamless and body fitters) always. 

Try to hide and flaunt your flaws

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First things first, we are not telling you to be conscious of your body. The idea is to be confident about yourself through power dressing. And it’s okay to have flaws as we all have it.

The key here is to find out your flaws, try to hide them through styling, and then flaunt them. Even if you have a flab, you can wear a high waisted denim and include some peek-a-booh to look stylish.

Right shoes are so important 

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Imagine being dressed up your best way entirely and just wearing your regular comfortable sneakers with it all the time? Will it work with all the outfits and looks? Not. You got to pay attention to the correct shoes because it is one of the most important styling tips. 

Always have a statement piece ready

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Statement pieces are meant to jazz up your look. Even if you are wearing a black top with black jeans and style it up with red boots (for winters specifically) or with a red cardigan, it just takes your look to the next level. Statement pieces can be anything from a piece of clothing to shoes to bags to earrings to belts etc. 

Pay attention to the smallest details like nails 

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No, we are not telling you to get an expensive nail extension done every month or get fresh manicures all the time. We are telling you to pay attention to your nails and see if they aren’t chipped, broken, or look pale.

Make sure your nails are of the same shape and they are freshly cut. Same goes with the brows, neat elbows & knees, etc.  

Take out time to do your hair 

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Yeah, right, you can’t style your hair all the time because you aren’t a celebrity. But then you cannot again complain about not looking perfect. Don’t spend hours all day to style your hair but simple hairstyling tip would be to make your hair presentable in a way that it compliments you so that you too get gorgeous pictures. 

Fitting of the clothes is so important 

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We cannot stress more on this fact. A well-fitted outfit from the top to the end makes you look always better. The areas where we miss out on getting perfect fits are pants near the things, jeans near the ankle, bottom wear near the crotch area, upper wear near the waist, and tops & t-shirts at the shoulders. 

Always style your look and not just wear it 

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Finally, here we are talking about styling tips on styling. What we mean is the most important key to always look put together is you care is to style your look. How you can do it? Take the bottom wear that you want to wear. Now, perfectly pair a topper with it. Style it by making it more presentable way and also take care of the color palette.

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