10 *Naughty* And *Sexy* Texts To Turn Your Boyfriend On Instantly!

Why should boys make all the efforts to turn you on? Girls should also take the lead and show their wild side and learn to express their feelings. Trust us, sexy texts can do the wonders!

Here are 10 naughty, steamy and hot sexts which you can send *him* to turn him on instantly.

P.S – It is the time to do some serious copy paste from here.

  1. “I recently purchased a body lotion and now I am applying all over on my hands and legs and cannot stop feeling myself. I feel so smooth.”

sexy texts


Send him an enticing picture maybe, and he is all yours.

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  1. “I left from work early today. I am in bed now. All I want is relaxation. Maybe you wanna help?”

Just count the time and he is there right at your door.

  1. “You know what I am wearing right now? Just your t-shirt which I stole! I can feel you.”

sexy texts


He would be instantly turned on.

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  1. “I am alone at home today and I fear of sleeping alone. Will you come over tonight? I have a habit of sleeping all wrapped up.”

What do you think will he not come in this situation?

  1. “I am going to take a shower. Wanna join me virtually or physically?”

Either way, it is going to be hell romantic for the both of you.

  1. “What do you want to do with me in the bed tonight? Just tell me and own me”

sexy texts


You can’t even imagine how much he would love this lead.

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  1. “You know what instead of just talking, we could a lot of better things tonight. Let me know if you are interested.”

His answer is always going to be big Yes.

  1. “I want to know what is the dirtiest thought about me that you have in your mind?”

And then do not forget to tell yours too. Enough to turn you guys on.

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  1. “If you guess the color of my inner-wear right, then you don’t even know what I have planned for you.”

Keep giving him chances, in case he is going wrong.

  1. “I have the perfect weekend plan for us in the budget. It is Saturday and Sunday both of us in my bed. What say?”

sexy texts


That is going to be his best weekend ever.

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