10 *Offbeat* Dating Ideas That Would Double Up Your Excitement

Let’s face it! The first date might be an exciting or an awkward experience. It is altogether a different scene wherein you’re talking with that person for some time now but are still not completely confident about him. Alcohol and movie on an immediate look might sound like a perfect idea, but would you really like to go for alcohol on your first date? Yes, that may make you feel a bit better calming down the butterflies in your stomach, but at the end of the day, it is not a good idea to settle for!

So ditch the regular dating ideas. Let’s go a bit offbeat.

  1. Long drive

1 unique dating ideas

What a sight! A weekend drive with some rock and roll music can bring you in the perfect mood for your first date! Take a break at roadside dhaba and order something you’ve not tried before. What say? Or have dinner and go on a long drive in search of dessert.

  1. A lazy stroll on a coffee shop

When you are not that much sure about the other person and are still in the process of getting to know each other, coffee shop sounds like a perfect idea. It is intimate enough, but at the same time does not set the expectations too high.

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  1. Movie marathon!

If you have a common group, going to a movie marathon can actually help you break the ice. Plan this at your common friend’s house. This won’t give you awkward silences, and at the same time would ensure that you steal private moments by sitting together.

In the age of tinder, it is not necessary that you guys share a common group. In such circumstances, it is better to go for a comedy movie. What could be a better way to release pressure than to sharing a laugh together?

  1. Go sightseeing in your own city

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Yes, you would have explored your city numerous times before. But, moving around in the city with the person you are in love with is altogether a different emotion. Go for local transport, this would make you both comfortable with each other and you would be better able to express yourself and fall for each other.

  1. Beach

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A beach or a lakeside stroll can serve a perfect idea for your first date. Pack some good picnic lunch, and indulge yourself in a beachside sport – what about volleyball or touch the ball? This could prove to be an incredible bond boosting activity.

  1. Rooftop dinner

Gone are the days of candlelight dinners. Rooftop dates are the new in. Take the man in your life to a perfect romantic dinner before sunset and witness a magical evening while getting to know each other better. We heart it!

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  1. Hiking

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What about hiking? Keep your spirits high and plan a hiking trip to a nearby trek.

  1. Sunday brunch

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If food is what sets everything in place for you, why not try it on your first date? Plan a perfect Sunday brunch in some good fancy restaurant. Order some good food starting from the starter and ending on a delicious drink. Talk your views, opinions and this could prove to be a perfect start of the day!

  1. Shopping

If shopping eases your nervousness, convince your guy to go for the shopping. Help each other in shopping the perfect outfits, and who know if he is the one?

  1. Workout together

6 unique dating ideas

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Of course, showcasing sweaty face won’t be an ideal idea of having the first date. And so we are not suggesting you to go for strenuous workouts with your guy, instead go for some simple workout activities like yoga, Zumba dancing and so on.

What about trying a salsa together?

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