10 Qualities To Look For In Your Mr. Right

Relationships are strange, especially when you’re in a baby phase of your relationship. How would you know if the guy you are looking is your Mr. Right? It can be difficult to understand, and so here are a few pointers which would definitely boost your confidence in the man you are moving forward with.

  1. He is caring

mr. right


So, he can do anything just to see you happy? If he has missed your call, he will find time to give you a callback? He understands your emotions and is always with you when you are feeling down? Well, this is something that you should look for in your Mr. Right!

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  1. He treats you equal

mr. right


You are not his arm candy and he respects your self-worth. He won’t expect you to give up on your friends. He understands that you’ve your own social circle as he has. A man who respects your individual choices and treats you equal would give you all the respect that a lady deserves.

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  1. He is honest – no matter what!

He didn’t take your call last night because he didn’t feel like talking to you. No matter, how harsh the reality is, he would be honest about the situation. He just won’t lie to make you happy. Respect this quality of him, because if he has it, he is definitely a perfect pick for you.

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  1. He is loyal

mr. right


No, if’s and but’s, he is a one lady man and sticks to it. No, you don’t need to plan any trap or something to check this out, but his behavior, thoughts, and traits would hint you intuitively.

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  1. He is supportive

mr. right


No matter what, if you find him every time by your side, girl, he is the one! He may not always agree with you and might have his own point of view. But at the end of the day, if you’re in trouble, he would keep all the differences alike and be there to support you. What more could you ask for?

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  1. He has flawless capabilities to make you laugh

mr. right


A relationship is stronger if it thrives on fun and light. Make sure that your Mr. Right knows how to make you laugh, whether it is through his nonsense talks or anything! You definitely won’t like to spend your rest of the life with a person who giggles rarely.

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  1. He is willing to spend quality time with you

mr. right


He knows what all it takes to make a relationship stronger. And so, he would be always ready to spend quality time with you whether it is for going shopping, movies, adventure or even cooking together.

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  1. He never judges you

You don’t need a man in your life who judges you. Would you? You need a man with whom you can be as you’re without fearing that he will judge or shame you!

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  1. He is a great communicator

He believes communication is necessary to make relationships stronger. He is always there to communicate with you. He talks what pissed him, what makes him happy, and so on. If he is open to you in expressing himself, he is just the right one to spend your rest of the life with!

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  1. You are you with him

mr. right


When you’re with him, you don’t need to pretend. You are the original version of yourself. This is because he’ll never judge you, and this not only holds true for you but for him too. If he is the original version of himself with you, well, girl, you’ve found your Mr. Right.

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