10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

So you’re head-over-heels for someone you are in love with, and are thinking for moving in with your boyfriend? But, are you sure about your decision or are you still in dilemma and confused? While it might be the best reason of your life, or alternatively, can turn out to be the worst decision for various reasons. 

  1. How emotionally ready you are for moving in with your boyfriend?

moving in with your boyfriend


Moving in with your boyfriend is like taking your relationship to an entirely new level. Make sure that you are emotionally ready to do so, both physically and mentally. If you are still confused, and halfway through it, it is highly recommended to give it a second thought.

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  1. How comfortable are you with doing house chores?

moving in with your boyfriend


Let me put it straight; moving in with your boyfriend is not about only about fun and sex. It is a lot more than that. Chances are high that you might have to do dishes or wash clothes. If you are lucky, he’ll help, but not necessarily. You might plan to seek help from a maid, but if you cannot afford her, what are your backup plans?

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  1. What is your idea of seeing your boyfriend every day?

moving in with your boyfriend


You might be excitingly nodding your head right now, and that’s great. But if you are always raised as an independent girl and have lived your life on your own conditions, lived independently and with courage, living with your boyfriend and seeing him every other day might be a big commitment you might not be ready for.

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  1. How financially secure you are?

You might propose to share your rent with your boyfriend which definitely is a good idea and won’t put extra weight on anyone of you, but don’t forget, that you would be paying double for a lot of commodities. You would be buying food for two and have to be smart while managing your finances.

But don’t let that ever stop you just because of money. Develop a habit of splitting bills right from the first day, and we’re sure, you both would manage it.

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  1. What are your family and friends’ views on him?

Moving in with your boyfriend might be the biggest step for a few, while for others; it won’t be such an issue. Gauge properly your friends and family’s reaction and if they would approve of him.

If not, how are you going to deal with this? Would you hide this from them that you have moved with him or don’t give a damn about what other people think?

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  1. What if moving with your boyfriend doesn’t turn out positive?

moving in with your boyfriend


What is your backup plan here? Do you have enough money to handle the things in case you both break up? No, we are not saying you to be negative, but having a backup plan always helps!

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  1. Would you be marrying him in near future?

This is the ultimate question behind all the exercise, if you are just moving for fun, or are you both really serious about it? Make sure that he feels the same way and it is a mutual decision that none of you should repent on.

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  1. Is your relationship mature enough to handle sudden changes?

moving in with your boyfriend


There is a wide difference between spending just two or three hours together to seeing each other for 24 hours. You by now were only used to seeing his positive side, but now you would be exposed to his negative side as well, just all of a sudden.

How prepared you are for that? Your relationship should be strong enough to handle the upcoming change, and if not, you should ideally wait for some time while your relationship gets nurtured.

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  1. Are you ready to wake up next to him the next morning?

moving in with your boyfriend


There is a wide difference between the man you go on a date with at 8 pm and waking up with him at 8 am. You would have to handle his bad breath and he will see you in the worst of your looks, without makeup and with messy hair.

While these things relay doesn’t matter when you are in love. If you really want to wake up with him the next morning, go for it by all means. After all, there is nothing better than waking up in the arms of the person you love the most and starting every day with him!

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  1. What are your guts saying to you?

Listen to your guts; they would advise you the best! You gut is often right and would help you in moving the right direction.

Whatever it is, just be prepared for the worst side, and determine what’s best for you!

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