10 Things to Ask Your Man Before Getting Married

Relationships are chilled out (in terms of responsibility) but marriages come with a lot of responsibilities. You don’t actually have to be ready for relationships but you definitely got to be ready for marriage. No matter love or arrange, you have to be very clear regarding certain things with your man and his family. It is your right to ask certain questions so that you are transparent enough with how your life is gonna be after marriage. Here are a few things to ask your man before getting married!

Take these questions extremely seriously and do ask this to your man when you guys are deciding to marry each other.

  1. “Will you and your family be comfortable with me working five days a week? And, sometimes it may either be late night shifts or early morning plans.”

things to ask your man before getting married


The most important question above all has to be this, of course, if you are a working lady.

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  1. “I am a modern Indian girl, I know my boundaries but that does not mean I would have to change my dressing style, right? Don’t worry, I won’t hit your relative’s house in shorts.”

If you are going to settle in a joint family, then this has to be asked because you don’t want any kind of fuss later.

  1. “I earn a five digit salary and it hopes to get to six in the next two years. I have my investment plans and would love to know yours too.”

Don’t be shy to ask these questions to him either on the first meeting for shaadi or even if you have been dating him for a long time.

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  1. “I have had PCOD in the past and there is nothing to hide about it so I am sharing with you. I always get mild cold and cough attacks which are fine. I would be more than happy if you would share your medical disorders with me, if you have any because you know, there shouldn’t be any hide and seek.”

things to ask your man before getting married


Do ask this, at any cost.

  1. “How is your lifestyle going to change after marriage? I don’t mind you chilling out with your friends but I hope I receive this same space too.”

things to ask your man before getting married


Because everyone needs their personal space!

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  1. “Before, anything else I want to know how is your family and how they are expecting me to be. Also, I do want you to tell them everything about me.”

Because families are super important!

  1. “How is your equation with your friends and I know friends matter for everyone but will I rank higher in priority from them? I don’t want to ruin your friendships but I want to know my stand.”

things to ask your man before getting married


Guys are hell serious about their buddies and you have to sneak in to get your time and be sassy.

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  1. “How many relationships you have been in? No matter serious, time pass or more friends, I don’t mind but be honest. Oh yes, I mind one night stands.”

Only if you guys are into arranged marriage otherwise you know everything.

  1. “What do you like to do on your days off? What is your me-time basically? Do you love going out or just sneaking inside your blanket with the TV on?”

He is going to be your forever buddy, so you got to know how he chills.

  1. “What are your thoughts on sex and how do you mind doing it?”

This has to be one of the most important questions.

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