10 Things You Should Not Say On Your First Date

When I say the first date, what is the first thought that pops up in your mind? I know, it has all sorts of mixed feeling, right? It is exciting, romantic, nervous, curious, grumpy and what not? How your hormones behave on your first date can be quite surprising for you for sure.

On that note, we will make your task easier by telling you a few things you should NOT say on your first date.

Get glued if you have swiped right somewhere and have got a perfect match.

  1. “Your place or mine?”

Things You Should Not Say On The First Date


Asking this on the very first date is a serious NO. No matter how comfortable you get with your partner or how smooth the things are, do not be so spontaneous to take this decision. Let the date be short, simple, ‘decent’, and over the coffee/food. Meet more and then have the endless nights, my girl.

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  1. “Let’s get married”

Or “will you marry me”, “what are your marriage plans” or any marriage-related talks should not pop up on your very first date. At least, do not do this from your side. We’re sure you would not want to look desperate or needy. So, be crisp and confident about yourself.

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  1. “You give me my Ex vibes”

things you should not say on your first date


Would you like to hear it from someone else in any way be it good or bad? No, right? So, make sure that you do not bring your ex’s name or his vibe anyway on your first date. Be a mystery at least and do not spill all the beans of your life at once.

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  1. “But, why are you still single?”

You do not know but this may hurt directly someone in lots of ways. There could be some emotional stories attached or some ego issues which the other person might not like to bring on the table. Save these questions for later when you guys become friendlier.

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  1. “Am I prettier than your Ex?”

Things You Should Not Say On The First Date


This sounds totally negative. It is a question arising out of insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, and lack of confidence. We’re pretty sure you would not like any of these emotions to flow so smoothly on your first date. Leave the exes behind and just concentrate on you both.

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  1. “What is your salary?”

Like really? Is this even so important for you on the first date itself? Understand that this is a date, not a Rishta meeting where you would want the man’s salary. This could be intimidating as well as annoying for the other person. He may not be so comfortable with you at that moment to share something that personal.

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  1. “I am ambitious and have high goals”

It is good if you are ambitious and career-oriented person, but too many talks about your dreams and aspirations may bore the other person or else he may find you quite a narcissist and annoying.

The first date needs to be smooth, casual, interesting, mutually loving and simple. You don’t know how the other person is, so sharing your life goals, ambitions, and targets can be OTT.

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  1. “I have been through a lot in my life”

As we said, look confident and not a needful person. If you show that you are in need of him right on the first date, he may start taking you for granted. Do not share your bitter life experiences and show your low side to them. Save these for later.

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  1. “I am scared of relationships and commitments”

You should not say this for two reasons. First – you do not want to jump directly to relationship right from the first meeting. Second – you do not want to look like someone who hates commitments. Avoid this sentence for sure.

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  1. “I am on a diet”

Things You Should Not Say On The First Date


TBH, this looks totally wannabe. If you are going out and this is your date, it is pretty obvious it is special for you. So, even if you are on a date, ditch it for the day. And do not go overboard with saying that you are a fitness freak, you love diets and such stuff. This could be a turnoff.

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