10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Eldest Sister At Home

Being the eldest sister means a life full of roller coasters.

You are obviously the favorite of your parents but not entirely. You are the Boss to your younger siblings and also have to bribe them to save you. Well, on that note we share some of the things that you will relate to if you are the eldest sister in the family.

P.S – I am the eldest sister in my family and trust me, this comes straight from my heart.

  1. You always have your “been there done that” moments with your siblings.

eldest sister


Cheated in exams and got caught? Boyfriend problems? Fights with parents and what not? You have faced it all and you always feel your siblings in those case.

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  1. But, they are lucky enough to get everything easily

You had to struggle a lot to get a permission for a night’s stay at a friend’s place but for them, it is as easy as a walk in the park.

  1. Your parents believe you more than they believe them

eldest sister


Yes, that is a perk that we *eldest sisters* enjoy the most. Parents trust us more than any of our siblings. We are goodie good in that way.

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  1. You are the first one to enjoy phones and other gadgets

eldest sister


Don’t you agree with this? Your siblings would also get the phones, laptops and other things but you are the one to get them first and they are going to envy you for this.

  1. You help them sneak in and sneak out at nights

If you have younger brothers, then you are the one they will trust upon. They would surely wake you up at night to allow them to sneak into the home without letting the parents know.

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  1. You are their teachers at home as well

Yes, all your teenage was spent teaching them lessons in the friendliest way which the teachers obviously could not do. Oh, you also did their homework and craft projects most of the time.

  1. Apart from the guide, you are also their strict masters

eldest sister


Now don’t disagree with me when I say that you gang up with your parents to make rules for them or to scold them for certain reasons.

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  1. You always have someone to support you and protect you

No matter whether you are facing boyfriend problems, dropping to places problems or anything, they know it all. And they are always there to support you and protect you.

  1. You make them work, a lil too much

From asking them to pass the remotes, switch off lights to making them bring the pastry from the market – you have forced them to do an array of chores.

And since they do this for us, we all love you, kiddos.

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  1. But, your whole heart is for them

eldest sister


No one in the entire world is important to you rather than your younger siblings. Since they are younger than you, you pamper them with all the love and cannot handle anyone even raising a brow at them. You are always their supporter and savior.

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