10 Types of Dates Every Couple Must Try

Someone said that falling in love is easy but being in a relationship and keeping up with the other person is something commendable. And this is perhaps why you need to keep the spark alive in your relationship, and going on random dates is one of the ways by which you can do it.

However, if you are already bored of those monotonous dates, well, ditch them for better with these 10 types of dates that every couple should try!

  1. The Homie Date

Let us start with the most comfortable and non-clichéd date. The homie date is where you can flaunt your cute PJs and literally see Netflix and chill. You can cook yourself and arrange a perfect home dinner date or you can also order your favorite food online and enjoy the meal with bae on the couch with the blankets on. This cozy dreamy date is something worth everything.

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  1. The Sudden Date

The sudden, spontaneous and the impromptu dates are the best. Plan a sudden date with your partner and head out to a place where you both can enjoy to the core. This unplanned date would definitely turn out to be the best one.

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  1. The Long Drive Date

Needless to say, long drives are so romantic! Either you can go on a road trip with your bae or you can just go for a long drive with your partner. Head out to some of the most exotic places and cover the beautiful lanes while driving with your partner.

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  1. The Adventurous Date

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If both of you are adrenaline junkies and love the adventures, then you must go on the adventurous date. Even if you don’t love adventures, go for it and try something new. This will always be worthy.

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  1. The Non-Comfort Zone Date

types of dates


You and your bae have your own respective comfort zones. So, what about going on a date which would help you come out of your comfort zone just for your partner? Let’s say that your partner loves shopping, and although you hate it, you are going a mile extra just to make them happy? This, for sure, is going to make your partner feel special.

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  1. The Double Date

types of dates


Double dates are fun and break the monotony. Have a couple friend? Just go ahead on a date along with them while hanging out together, and we’re sure, it is going to be so much fun!

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  1. The Movie Binge Date

A movie buff? Then, perhaps there could not be any date better than a movie date. Just take a day off and settle yourselves in the bed with a blanket and binge watch your favorite movies or the ones which you have not watched yet.

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  1. The Dancing Date

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How about a dancing date? *wink*

Turn on the music and burn the dance floor and make sure to skip the beat of your partner with your sexy dance moves.

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  1. The City Binge Date

You must have spent a lot of time in your city, obviously. You must have also explored the city a lot with your partner but still, get on a city-binge date and explore the city with your loved one and create some nostalgic memories.

  1. The Solo Dinner Date

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This date is the most clichéd date ever but it has its own charm. Dressing up, grooming perfectly and going to an exotic place with your bae for the candlelight dinner is like celebrating your love in the best way possible.

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All set to try?

Featured Image: Shadi Mai Jarur Aana