19 Feet Tattoo Designs Which You Will Never Get Bored Of

Getting a tattoo done means marrying to something other than your life partner! This is going to be with you till your last breath (if you take care of it properly).  If you are struggling to have a perfect feet tattoo design, then here we have listed some of them.

Believe us, you are going to love them all! *wink*

  1. Flowers that bloom together

feet tattoo design

Would you not want to flaunt this gorgeous feet tattoo design?

  1. The curious owl

feet tattoo design

This beautiful owl is super curious about something and I would love to watch it all the time.

  1. Birds that fly

feet tattoo design

Let the birds fly whenever you step out in the Sun!

  1. Camouflaging

feet tattoo design

How about camouflaging this design with the grass!

  1. Beauty should never fade

feet tattoo design

Peacocks are beautiful and they are going to make you look at your feet all the time.

  1. The twisted love

feet tattoo design

Be it twisted or be it simple, love is always beautiful.

  1. Simplicity at its best

feet tattoo design

There is nothing more beautiful than a simple tattoo design that speaks for itself.

  1. Are we done with birds?

feet tattoo design

No, not yet! We are not done with pretty birds anytime soon and specially the birds with colorful wings.

  1. Deep is the word!

feet tattoo design

One step at a time and one day at a time is what we all are swearing up to. Do you too?

  1. Freedom is a state of mind

feet tattoo design

Everybody likes freedom and this is a sheer sign of what freedom means to you. Show it to the world now.

  1. Paw prints <3

feet tattoo design

Do you love your dogs? Show this love to your dog and make him feel special. Both of you must match your feet together.

  1. Cats are my World

feet tattoo design

TBH, this is my most favorite design. I love cats and I cannot lie. I would love waking up to the pretty cats right on my feet.

  1. Find out the travel bug within you

feet tattoo design

Make every step count and leave your foot prints wherever you go. This is our motto for sure.

  1. Before I sleep

feet tattoo design

What could be more apt than this? We all have miles to go and this print on the feet is going to be epic.

  1. Be artistic

feet tattoo design

There is nothing more beautiful in this world rather than art. This is a sheer piece of art and we are already in love with it.

  1. No one like the Librans

feet tattoo design

Agree or not, Librans are the sassiest of all and they love flaunting their Libra sign.

  1. Angels with me, always

feet tattoo design

This design is surely OTT but look at it, it is so pretty and positive. It is surely going to radiate all sorts of good vibes always.

  1. Bows for the girls

feet tattoo design

If you are a girly girl and would not love something huge, this minimalist design is the best for you.

  1. Something more minimal

feet tattoo design

Yes, this is another minimal design which is artistic, chic and pretty.

Images source: Pinterest

Featured Image: Pexels

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