4 Amazing Ramp Walk Moments of Sushmita Sen We Cannot Get Over!

How can you describe Sushmita Sen? Sexy, ageless, full of life, beautiful, toned, intelligent, confident, a person with perception, and we can go on and on. She is a stunner who is never in competition with anyone and has her own world to live. She is such a motivation for every woman on the planet. Well, she is not seen much these days apart from the fashion shows, so we thought to bring some of the most amazing ramp walk moments of Sushmita Sen from the recent events.

Her walk deserves a special mention, girls.

  1. Drapes to Die For

Rampwalks are for dramatic outfits and we love this outfit. More than the outfit, we love how Sushmita has carried it with such grace. From makeup to hair everything is done so much to the point that we can’t move our eyes from this picture.

Diva knows how to handle her drapes, right?

  1. Let’s Talk about Some More Drapes


This outfit particularly is all about drapes and falls. The best thing about the outfit is the colors and how well they are used together. The drapes that are given to this outfit looks utter chic. Sushmita’s hair and makeup along with her confidence make the whole vibe of this look so Boho.

That footwear is breaking the monotony at its best.

  1. Grace Above Everything


Sushmita is a person who is full of life. And that nature of her is directly and clearly seen on her gestures, face, and the way she is in public. This one is so Sushmita for all the good reasons. This is hands down one of the best Sushmita Sen moments for the current time. Her outfit with the matching jewelry makes for such a stunning bride.

  1. Going Green from Head to Toe


Now, this is surely not one of the greatest outfits on the ramp walk for any fashion week. We surely don’t like the drapes, the unnecessary kimono thing n, and that awkward turban covering her entire head BUT we love how Sushmita has pulled off this look. We are all talking about Sushmita and we feel that this walk of the actress is regal.

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Featured Image: India Times