5 Acne Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now!

Acne is that unwelcome guest which keeps coming time and again, no matter how much you hate pops up anywhere on the body and definitely has a particular hate for your social gathering schedules. Amid so much chaos and the worst rap, there are a few thumb rules that we all have grown up listening to. It is high time that we bust all these acne myths, and believe me, some of these are real eye openers!

  1. Exfoliation only worsens the acne, and should be avoided

acne myths

Truth: This holds good for past exfoliation products which were a way too abrasive to be used daily, and were a cause of redness and dryness. The modern day products are gentle exfoliants and can be used in routine without any issues. In fact, having a debris free skin works best for your skincare routine, thus exfoliation is only going to help!

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  1. You probably won’t have acne once you are in your 20’s

acne myths

Truth: Acne can grip any adult, no matter what the age! There are various factors that are responsible for this including the likes of genetics, Stress, hormone changes, water, and city’s magnesium and calcium levels and so on.

  1. Sunscreen is worst for acne

Truth: Choice plays a role here! Get hold of sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide, as they instead of penetrating into your skin, sit on the top layer and help you fight the damage. Further, look for noncomedogenic and oil free sunscreens. Stay away from clogging ingredients like para amino benzoic acid which may trigger allergic reactions, to say the least!

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  1. Stay away from oil if you have acne

Truth: Not all oils are same, and oils like jojoba and argan oil are actually the wonders which are every similar to skin’s sebum and signal your skin to not to overproduce the oil, thus avoiding the breakouts!

  1. All acne are same

acne myths

Truth: Adolescence acne is different from adult acne. Adult skin is drier, so while treating adult acne, you need to be sure that you are not sucking the moisture from your skin with the use of harsh products. Antibacterial soap might work fine in your adolescence, but don’t be surprised if it stops working when you are in your 20s or so, simply because it can now lead to redness and itching. A gentle cleanser with salicylic acid would meet the purpose.

Time to get over all these acne myths!

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