5 Common Reasons Why You Might Have Itchy Nipples

Are your nipples itching and you have no idea why? Well, itchy nipples could be because of a range of reasons. And you are not alone! A lot of women have itchy nipples or boobs while they are on their periods. As a matter of fact, this is normal until this condition continues for a longer time. Here are some reasons which are probably responsible for your itchy nipples.

  1. Sweat and a tight bra

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One of the most common reasons why your nipples might be itchy is because of the sweat and a tight bra. Sweat along with an ill-fitted bra make it difficult for the breasts to breathe and this makes them itchy.

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  1. Chemicals of the cleansing products

The chemicals that are present in your soap, your detergent powder, your body lotion etc. can also make your nipples itch. These chemicals can cause rashes on your nipples and can lead to a condition called contact dermatitis. You will see a lot of red patches on the boob area and in such a case, it is highly recommended to switch to chemical-free herbal products and see your doctor.

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  1. All because of friction

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One of the commonest reasons of itchy nipples is the fiction between your boobs and bra. As a result, your boobs get rubbed against the bra, mostly during the workouts. Thus, it is highly recommended to wear gym bras. For the time being, you can also apply the petroleum jelly to soothe them.

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  1. Chances of eczema

Even after following proper precautions, if you have constant rashes on your boobs, and nipples are itching, chances are high that you may be unknowingly suffering from eczema. In such an event, it is highly recommended to see a doctor.

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  1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes could be another reason why your boobs are itchy. Thus, focus more on your diet and relax!

Itchy boobs and nipples are nothing so serious, however, just to be on a safer side, you must see a doctor if the symptoms persist to exist for a longer time.

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