The 5 Cutest Things Guys Have Done for Their Girlfriends on Valentine’s Day

There are days when we feel, ‘my boyfriend is the best in the world’ and then there are days when a feeling pops, ‘does he even love me?’. We agree with all the mood swings of every girl reading this.

Since it is the Valentines week we thought to explore Quora to find out how people are celebrating their Valentines. While doing this we came across a question thread asking ‘what is the best thing your boyfriend has done for you on Valentine’s Day?’ As cute as the question was, so were the answers to it. We selected five of the best answers to this question to share with you guys.

Hint for Boys: Get some ideas and make sure your girl feels happier than the ones we are talking about.

  1. You Were Always in My Mind Wherever I Went

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Ojas Gohad shares a beautiful memory of her and her boyfriend, who went on an architectural trip during the Valentine week. As a result, they both spent their Valentines just chatting on the phone while she was eagerly waiting for him.

He arrived on 17th of the same month but refused to meet her on two or three consecutive days which annoyed her to the core. After continuous refusals, he himself proposed to meet Ojas to which she agreed.

When they met he gave her few things which Ojas was clueless about. Seeing the gifts, she was surprised and was smiling all over. What was the best is that he said that be these things small and may have no big value but they are from all the four places which he has visited on the trip. He said that she was in her mind where ever he has been to.

Aww, that is deep. She felt the most special with those words.

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  1. Wished Me Valentine and Asked Me for a Lifetime

This is another wonderful story by Charu Gupta. Charu’s boyfriend wanted to go on date on the Valentine’s Day. But hey, he did not want the date alone with Charu. He wanted it with her parents.

Her boyfriend is a true gentleman and arranged for the dinner himself making Charu super proud and surprised. Wow, lucky you. While on the date, he proposed as well. No, not to Charu! But he proposed to her parents for their marriage and this was the biggest surprise for Charu as well. She said it is not the biggest thing but definitely the sweetest any girl could ever imagine of.

We agree, Charu!

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  1. Cuddles With Surprises Are Always The Best

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Nayra Singh is one lucky girl whose boyfriend is a die-hard romantic at heart. But still, he is someone who is not fond of the Valentine’s Day. But, Nayra said she loves Valentines, no matter what. The couple was on a weekend holiday where Nayra had planned for the date night on Valentine’s eve.

But, her boyfriend depressed her saying that he would be out for a meeting and had no time for the date. Also, he said that one of her aunts is going to visit him so he asked her to stay in the room. After some time, he called her from the hall and Nayra was too annoyed to go and talk to him.

But, she went out to find the hall beautifully decorated with roses, candles, cake, and whatnot. He has turned his place into the perfect date night ambiance. She could not believe this because her boyfriend was not at all excited about the day.

Old school romance is the best as they say.

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  1. Just Out of The Fairy Tale

This Quora user has set out her story being Anonymous. We fell in love with her story because such things generally do not happen these days.

The couple always chatted over the phone and they used to meet only once a year, the reason for which is not mentioned. The boy always said her various things that they would be doing when they would together.

Once they met during their Valentines being it was their first Valentines together. He gave her the sketch of all the things which he has imagined doing with her like talking, lifting her in his arms, giving her presents, eating together and so much more. He made those sketches all by himself.

Genuinely, we have not seen such a romance ever.

  1. Intelligence Mixed with Romance is What We All Need

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Nitisha Ojha is a mad romantic at heart and Valentine’s Day is her favorite. She had planned for a day off on this day from her company to spend with her bae in a beautiful resort on the outskirts of the city.

But because of the workload, she was not able to ask for the holiday and this pissed her off. She was getting irritated and was extremely upset. Her boyfriend talked to her Boss on her behalf and arranged for a day off without informing her and booked an even nicer resort for them on Valentine’s Day making all the arrangements like Nitisha always wanted.

On the main day, her boyfriend told that he would drop her to the office so that they could spend some time together. And then, he smartly took her to resort and gave her the best surprise ever.

How thoughtful.

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