#DaddyWeek: 5 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Dad

Had a hectic week and get no time to plan a gift for your dad? Well, it is not late yet! We have got your back. Here are a few amazing DIY gifts for your dad, which are sure to make his day special.

  1. DIY Shaving Oil

diy gifts for your dad


DIY shaving oil is something your dad won’t have ever thought of. It would not only convey your feelings honestly but would also keep him away from harmful chemicals. All you need to do is mix castor oil (2 parts), olive oil (1 part) and 15-20 drops of essential oil of your choice and voila! It is done!

Fill it in a beautiful bottle and make it classy and gift him.

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  1. Jar Of Activities

diy gifts for your dad 2


Buy a beautiful mason jar and decorate it in the classiest way. Fill it with various chits on which you have to write about the activities which your dad loves. Every Sunday or on every random day whenever your dad wants, ask him to pull out the chit and get ready to do the chosen activity together.

  1. Business Card Holder

This will be one of the best DIY gifts for your dad. Take out the old postcards and fold them into the half with the beautiful side on the upper side. From the upper side, you have to cut the half crescent shape and open the card flat and cover with a sheet of clear vinyl. Your card holder is ready.

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  1. Watch Stand

diy gifts for your dad


You must take care of the expensive watch of your dad. You can DIY a beautiful and classy wooden watch stand for him in that case. Use a wooden frame and make holes in it from the bottom as shown.

Fix two plastic or metal pipes of equal size and fix it into a bottom stand made of hard clay or wood again. Fix it strongly and make sure it is durable. You can have a look on the full tutorial here.

  1. Eyeglass Case

DIY Gift Ideas For Your Dad


This is yet another very useful DIY gift for your dad. Take out an old tie, may be your dad’s as well. Just sew the bottom part to the midway of the tie as shown. Sew a button on the middle and make a button holder on the other part. Your DIY eyeglass case from the tie is ready.

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