5 Easy Peasy Ways To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym

Losing weight and staying fit is something we all want to attain. Losing extra flab and looking fab is what we all girls are after. But believe us, all you need is to stay fit, and you will automatically shed those extra kilos in the process, anyhow. Not convinced?

Here are a few ways to lose weight without hitting the gym or doing intense workouts that actually work! Find out.

  1. Check on the carbs

Always remember that your carbs intake makes you fat. Thus, if you keep a check over your carbs intake daily, you will not only lose weight but might even burn the extra fat from your body. So, next time you munch something, make sure that you are not consuming too many carbohydrates. This means that you should avoid eating bread or any food which contains maida, sugar and the likes. Further, also stay away from processed and oily foods.

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  1. Burn the calories in the easiest way possible

ways to lose weight


Burning the calories is one of the important ways to lose weight. You can burn the calories in the easiest way possible just at your home. Indulge yourself in activities like skipping, jumping, plank, sit-ups, squat, and such simple exercises at home two times in a day. We are sure you will definitely attain the *dreamy figure* you have always dream of.

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  1. Believe in antioxidants

Say hello to antioxidants as they increase and improve the body metabolism. Having a healthy and a strong metabolism is very helpful for your digestion. This is because a proper digestive system will not let the fats accumulate in the body. Drinks like green tea, warm water with honey and lemon, cucumber and ginger drink are some good drinks for improving metabolism.

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  1. Cut off sugar and junk totally

Believe us or not, but sugar might be the biggest culprit behind your ever increasing body weight. So cut off sugar totally from your diet or avoid it as much as possible to lose weight. If you have too much fondness towards sweet things, replace sugar with jaggery and honey. Also, avoid eating junk food as much as possible. At least, avoid it till you have lost your desired weight. You can binge eat one day in a week of your choice to satisfy your cravings.

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  1. Be active and eat in every two hours

ways to lose weight


If your body is not active and you feel restless all the time, it is probably because of lack of stamina and energy in your body. So, adopt a fit lifestyle and do not skip your regular workout sessions. Be active all the time, if nothing is possible, you can just keep walking. Also, take your food every two hours,so that your digestive system is active and you do not feel restless.

However, if nothing seem to work, don’t take it to heart! You’re beautiful the way you are.

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