5 Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty Stomach

Whether you are on a diet or not is not important, but what is really important are your daily eating habits. There are various food items that we are either habituated to take or love taking often. But are you taking them at the correct time? Let’s talk about some food items that you should never take on an empty stomach.

  1. Citrus Fruits

Avoid consuming citrus fruits on an empty stomach. The citrus fruits, as we know, are rich in Vitamin C and hence, they produce a lot of acid. This acid, although, is good for the body but it can do more harm than good to an empty stomach.

If at all, you want to consume lemon, it is highly recommended to intake it with honey and warm water which also works as a detox drink and metabolism booster.

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  1. Carbonated Drinks

Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty StomachSoft drinks, soda, and other carbonated drinks should not be taken in the morning especially on an empty stomach. Consuming any of these as the very first thing in the morning could produce a lot of acid and lead to gastric issues.

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  1. Caffeine and Tea

Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty StomachSo, let’s get real with this one. Who doesn’t love bed tea or coffee? We all do, but this is where most of us wrong. Do not consume caffeine and tea on an empty stomach. It is always the best practice to drink a few glasses of water first, before drinking your favorite beverages.

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  1. Tomatoes

Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty StomachEating salad in the morning is obviously a great habit but eating raw tomatoes in the morning in the salad is not good. Cooked tomato in vegetables do not do harm even if it’s the first thing that you eat but raw tomatoes are not good to be consumed on an empty stomach.

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  1. Milk

Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty StomachContrary to what you might have believed till now, drinking warm or lukewarm milk on an empty stomach is never recommended. It can lead to acidity and make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure that you have had enough fruits and snacks before drinking milk in the morning.

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