5 Online Courses That Would Brush Up Your Skills

In today’s neck and neck competition, you are often judged just by your 3-page resume. The struggle of convincing people about your talents is real. This is when having an extra certificate in a creative field could help you stand out.

Further, online courses would not just polish your resume but learning these extra skills could even give a new direction to your career. Here are some of the best online courses that are worth a try.

  1. Digital Marketing

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One of the most popular online courses these days is digital marketing. The career of the digital marketers is bright with a good salary. Learning the techniques of the internet marketing, the strategies and the world of the social media is really very interesting.

If you are someone who is into social media and e-commerce, then it is highly recommended to take up this course to kick start your career.

  1. MS- Excel

Yes, you might have learnt the basics of MS – Suite in your school and college. But, MS-Excel is way advanced than what we were taught in the school.

There are various start-ups and the companies who look for people who know advanced excel while the number of MS-Excel experts is quite low. Thus, pursue this course online and add to your worth.

  1. Adobe Photoshop/Corel Draw

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Having a knack over graphic designing is important. From textile industry to social media marketing – everyone is after a skilled graphic designer.

Thus, if you are a creative person and always wanted to explore the scope in graphic designing, it is highly recommended to learn Coral Draw and Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Internet of Things

Another popular courses which is taking the world by Storm is IoT or internet of things. The introduction of advanced technologies, systems, and devices has created an opportunity to connect every device to the internet.

This is what IoT is all about. Getting yourself enrolled in such a course will help you in understanding its scope, the underlying principles, the network architecture, and security. This would definitely boost your resume and provide you an edge over others.

  1. Branding

online courses


Branding is another popular online course you can register yourself into. Today, a brand doesn’t exist until and unless it is fairly visible on the internet. This is why a lot of brands and startups are looking for branding specialists who can manage their brands online while also enhancing their reach.

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