5 Signs That Show Your Favorite Top Does Not Fit You Anymore

We all just hate it when our favorite tops and shirts stop fitting us seamlessly! Nothing could be fearful than opening your closet, and finding out that your favorite top doesn’t fit you anymore!

But, out of our fondness towards that top, we still try to accommodate ourselves into it. We all have been there and done that! However, to avoid any awkward moments, here are a few signs you should look out for. If your top doesn’t fit anymore, it doesn’t! Do not force yourself into it, and make way for a new collection!

P.S – We hate it but we have to face it.

  1. The gap in your blouse’s buttons

Top Does Not Fit You


If the peek-a-boo gap between your blouse’s buttons is way too much, this means that your bust is stretching the top’s fabric apart. This is a sure shot sign that your shirt doesn’t fit you anymore.

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  1. Bulges peeping out from everywhere

Top Does Not Fit You


If the tops don’t fit your body seamlessly and instead, the body fat peeps out from any of the sides of your top, then it is a clear wardrobe malfunction. Solution? Give up on this particular tshirt or start hitting the gym. *wink*

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  1. The tight bra strap is visible

The problem is not with the size or with the fitting of the bra but it is with your top. If the top is too tight, it is only obvious that the bra straps would start reflecting themselves from the top beneath.

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  1. Tighter arm holes do not look good

In order to flaunt sleeveless tops flawlessly, it is very important that they fit nicely at the armholes. Tighter armholes not only feel uncomfortable but also make your arm look flabbier.

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  1. Sleeves are not in the right position

Yes, this is quite easy to figure out. If the sleeves of your top or blouse do not end and start from where they should be, then there is a problem with the size of your top.

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