5 Style Updates Your Home Needs TODAY!

Making small changes here and there in our home keep the dynamic spirit alive! And no, you don’t need to spend a bomb or do a complete makeover of your home. Simple tricks, a few replacements, and exchanges, when done here and there, can give your home an altogether a fresh and updated look. Here are a few home style updates that you need to have a look on.

Showcase similar things together

Explore your house, yes we know, you already are well aware of what all you have. But this time, explore from a different angle. Look for items in your house that resemble with each other. It may be anything like Ganesha wall hangings, picture frames or mirrors. Group them together on a plain wall over a table top. Try to group an odd number of items – and here it is, a quick makeover!

Change your light fixtures as a chandelier is a way too mainstream

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Why always stick to that old chandelier? Try lantern or a funky light fixture over your breakfast table or dining room.

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Paint inside

Do you have that vintage bar in your house? Flaunt it all the more by painting its inside with a happy color, making it pop!

Define a cozy space

This is one of the easily achievable home style updates. You can make your own cozy space with the help of some colorful cushions, carpet and curtains. Flaunt them in happy and lively colors.

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Broaden the room

You can broaden the room visually on the go by painting the ceilings darker than the walls

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