5 Things That Make Your Hair Dry Unknowingly

Understanding the chemistry of hair can be mysterious at times. Sometimes the same products make them look great while other times, it is nothing better than a bad hair day. So, which are all those things that make your hair dry?

  1. Too hot water

things that make your hair dry


There is nothing more satisfying than taking bath in sizzling hot water. While this might sound like an ultimate luxury at first, too hot water can take a toll on your hair. Hot water can make your hair dry. It is thus highly recommended to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

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  1. Too much heat styling

things that make your hair dry


We all are guilty of using a range of heat styling tools from crimping irons to tongs, blow dryers and curling irons. They might help you in styling your hair easily but leave your hair extremely dry and undernourished. It is highly recommended to use a heat protection spray before you move with the process. Also, make it sure that you are not leaving your iron on any section for a long period of time; you will literally end up frying your hair!

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  1. Stepping out in the sun

Did you ever think of applying PAF in your hair before stepping out? Well, you should be! Sun rays not only leave your skin tanned but also dry your hair in numerous ways. Buy a hair spray sunscreen today or wear a big and floppy hat!

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  1. Over-shampooing your hair

While washing your hair drives any dirt and grime out from your hair, however, washing your hair too often can actually steal the natural oil from your locks and leave them brittle and dry. If you feel that your hair are becoming extraordinary dry after washing, you need to check your shampoo if they contain sulfates, alcohols or other dryness causing agents.

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  1. Wrong hair products

things that make your hair dry














Using wrong hair products can also prove to be costlier. They might make your hair look great at that very moment, but definitely at the cost of giving you dry hair. Check your products and see if they contain alcohol or other similar ingredients.

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