5 Things Summer Vacations Meant To You Only If You Studied In a Convent School

Didn’t we all LOOOOVE summer vacations back in our school days then? It used to be ultimate fun! But summer vacations in a convent school had an altogether different meaning for us. While we’re already feeling nostalgic about it, we’re sure you will get hooked up with all those memories too. Check out!

  1. Assignment used to start one month in prior

Teachers used to load students with dozens of assignments – one for every subject (no wonder, if there is more than one assignment per subject too!). And that used to build up the excitement regarding what the project will be this year!

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2. Add to the assignments were the hobby classes

Hobby classes which aimed at making students an expert in sports, yoga and so on was mostly joined by students to stay in touch with their friends. *Those were the favorite mornings*

3. And yes, hobby classes came with no restrictions – you can wear what you want, a big relief!

summer vacations in a convent school

4. Frequent tips to stationary stores with friends

‘Oh, from where did you get this sparkle pen and fluorescent paper? Color is so good?’ used to be the normal conversation amid project work during vacations!

summer vacations in a convent school

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5. A day before the school reopening date would mean the new collection of ribbons, hair ties, and socks.

Who would want to run five times around the ground, otherwise?

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