5 Ways to Twin With Your Brother This Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is almost here and we’re sure you must already be bugging your brothers for gifts. But how do you plan to dress up for the festival? What if we suggest you to twin with your bro on this fun day?

We agree it would be a task to convince your brother for the twinning thing, but be a winner. We hope these tricks help you.

P.S – Twin with your bro smartly. Avoid being a ‘band baaja baraat’ if you know what we mean. *wink*

  1. Denim to the rescue


The best and the easiest way is to wear denim but with a twist. You can wear a cute midi or maxi denim skirt with a quoted tee. Tell your brother to wear his favorite denim jeans and the quoted tee as well.

Pro tip: Do not end up wearing the cliché and the same quoted tees. Wear tees of different quotes and also both of you don’t go for denim pants. Create variations there as well.

  1. Colors are the easiest

It is the easiest to coordinate with the same colors. But one thing that you have to take care of is not going too matchy with the colors. Both of you can wear different shades of blue, for instance.

  1. Prints are prettiest

Again, avoid wearing striped pants and shirts and calling it coordinated. Coordinating means going subtle and still being evident! You can wear a floral printed lowers and he could do some floral prints with his shirt or shoes. Make sure that the prints are not identically the same. It could be similar but not same.

  1. Ethnic vibes

Festivals call out for ethnic outfits. Both of you can wear anything ethnic and you are automatically coordinated. For better coordination, you can go for kurta and salwar in different colors and prints. This is a way to get smooth coordination and the best way to twin with your brother.

  1. Keeping up with the trends

For example, let us go with pastel trends. Both of you can wear something in the pastel shade and look fab. You can choose the same shades or different shades from the pastel family. Pastel is something that is minimal in itself and would not make you look matchy even if the shades are the same.

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