50+ Fun Activities For Mother’s Day – Pandemic Edition!

50+ fun activities for mother’s day – because moms should have all the fun!

You know that saying, “Real heroes don’t wear capes”? I am convinced that this saying refers to all the mothers of the world. Mums don’t wear capes, but they sure are the reason why we stand tall today. 

It’s not every day that you show appreciation to your mother, but Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to tell her, “I love you, and I appreciate all that you do for me!” And what better way to do this than by indulging in some super fun activities with your mum on her special day? 

Are you wondering what you can do amid all this chaos and havoc that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought on? Don’t worry, there are so many fun things that you can do even if you are cooped up inside the house! 

So, without further ado, here are 50+ fun activities for mother’s day – Pandemic Edition!

For The Crafty Mum

fun activities for mother's day
  1. Make a scrapbook – There’s nothing that your mum will love more than busting out those old photos and reliving all those memories.
  2. Paint together – Paint one half of the painting yourself and ask your mum to paint the other half!
  3. Fill up your wall – Spruce your home and hang up old photos or artwork that you’ve got lying around. You may also like to have a mother and daughter photoshoot.
  4. Make a handprint t-shirt – Get two t-shirts and put your handprints on each of them for some extra Mother’s Day personalization! 
  5. Write a letter to each other – Give way your creative expression and let those emotions flow!
  6. Craft candles together – Nothing can be more satisfying than melting some wax and breathing in some heavenly fragrances.
  7. Finish puzzle together – Get a 1000 piece puzzle and try to complete it by the end of the day! 

For The Active Mum

  1. Workout together – Get sweaty and out of breath by joining your mum in her exercise regimen.
  2. Take on an activity challenge – Whether this comes in the form of completing 10000 steps or a 100 push-ups, you and your mum are going to end up having truckloads of fun!
  3. Build a competition – Sit down with your mother and build your own competition from scratch. And then get the whole family to participate in it!
  4. Dance together – Put on your mom’s favorite music and get your groove on! 
  5. Play a loved sport – Hunt down your mum’s favorite sport and bust out your skills!

For The Scholarly Mum

  1. Read a book together – Pick a favorite book and read some of her favorite lines.
  2. Take on a poetry writing challenge – Get your creative juices flowing and let those words flow from your mouth!
  3. Take on a poetry reading challenge – Gather up your favorite poets and read aloud to each other.
  4. Have a friendly debate – Pretend to be on the opposing sides of a debate and get cracking!
  5. Attend an online book club – Stimulate those grey cells and engage in an active discussion with other book lovers out there!

For The Mum Who’s A Foodie 

  1. Make desserts together – It’s never a bad time for making dessert, and mother’s day is the perfect occasion! 
  2. Take an online baking class – If your mum isn’t so sure about baking, why not give her a chance to learn?
  3. Eat breakfast in bed – Breakfast in bed is just one of the rare treats reserved for special occasions like Mother’s day.
  4. Make brunch together – Let your mum sleep in, and then make some delicious brunch together!
  5. Have a wine tasting party – If your mum is a wine connoisseur, why not have a wine tasting party?
  6. Have a chocolate tasting party – Not a fan of alcohol? Go with chocolate instead!
  7. Make some fancy tea – Get the girls in the house together and have some Earl Grey and finger sandwiches with your mum!
  8. Go on a picnic – No, not outside but in your own living room! 
  9. Try a new cuisine – Bring in the travel experience with Japanese or Thai food for dinner!
  10. Arrange a special meal for two – whether it’s with your father, your mum’s best friend or yourself, a special one-on-one time is definitely something your mum will appreciate!
  11. Take a master chef class – Now’s the time to indulge in some fancy and sophisticated culinary arts! 

For The Mum Who Loves To Pamper Herself

  1. Turn your home into a spa – Give your mum a facial and some mani-pedis! 
  2. Try on some homemade masks – Any excuse for your mum to indulge and her skincare routine it’s going to be welcome, believe me! 
  3. Use those lush bath bombs – Fizzy and fuzzy salt and bubbles are the only way to take a bath on Mother’s day!
  4. Experiment with hair – Try on a new hairstyle or go all out with new hair color!
  5. Let her catch up on her beauty sleep – If your mum has been running around exhausted all this while, complete all her chores for her and let her sleep!

For The Fashionable Mum

  1. Have a fancy dress party – Because who needs an excuse to dress up and show off their style?
  2. Sew a dress together – Take an online tailoring class and test out your skills! 
  3. Take on an online shopping challenge – Who can get the best bargain on this blue dress? Who can find the trendiest red sweater? 
  4. Go on a shopping spree – Let your purse strings loose and indulge and all your fancies together! 
  5. Have the family put on a fashion show – Roll out the red carpet and get your family to turn into fashionistas for a day! 

For The Mum Who Loves Nature

fun activities for mother's day
  1. Do some gardening – Get down and dirty in the soil and plant some new flowers!
  2. Camp in your backyard – Ah, what can be truly rejuvenating than to be out in the great outdoors?
  3. Sleep under the stars – Grab your sleeping bags and head on over to the roof or your garden for a Mother’s Day stargazing experience.

For The Mum Who’s Down For Anything

mother's day
  1. Have a pizza party – After all, who doesn’t love a gooey and cheesy pizza?
  2. Plan a movie night – Bust out your mum’s favorite movie and bring out the popcorn! 
  3. Have a game night with your family – Bring back the good ol’ days of Pictionary and Monopoly! 
  4. Plan a sleepover – Let your mum go back to her childhood days with a sleepover party with friends!
  5. Make a treasure hunt – Organise your gifts in a treasure hunt and let your mum crack riddles and explore all day! 
  6. Give her a group gift – Plan with the rest of your family and give your mum an ensemble that goes together!
  7. Have a Karaoke night – Order a karaoke mic online and put on some of her favorite songs!
  8. Produce a video together – Take interviews of all family members and compile it all together in a video!
  9. Have a storytelling competition – Let your mum indulge in the past by retelling some of her favourite stories!
  10. Put on a play together – Produce a short skit and get your mum to act her heart out! 
  11. Try a science experiment – Get a few laughs in as you try to turn some corn starch into galaxy slime!
  12. Have a music jam session – If your mum loves singing, then why not put on a jam sesh and let her voice soar?
  13. Watch stand-up comedy together – This is one of the best fun activities for mother’s day. Nothing beats some hysterical giggles and laughter on Mother’s Day!
  14. Make a time capsule – Your mum is going to love nothing more than reliving this perfect day that you are put together for her – 5 years down the line!

Whatever fun activities for mother’s day you decide to do, remember to keep the focus of the day on your mum. You might also like to try DIY gift ideas for your mum. Remind her how important she is and make all the efforts you can to give her a wonderful day. Whichever activity you pick, she is going to adore the fact that you took the time and effort to organize these activities just for her. But of course, she deserves it! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your wonderful mum! 

Neesha Thunga

Neesha Thunga is a Freelance Writer by day and Japanese Language Trainer by night. She has a flair for languages and loves crafting new worlds through her words. Neesha has previously worked as a content developer and journalist for various organizations, and has several published articles to her name. She is a fashion and beauty enthusiast that is obsessed with style. Nothing that is new and noteworthy in the beauty and lifestyle industry misses her eye. Neesha loves petrichor and puppies, and her favourite pastimes include curling up with a good book after a long day, with a warm cup of tea.

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