50+ Nicknames For Your Boyfriend That Aren’t Cheesy

Calling your loved one with nicknames shrinks the gap between you both and stands as a testimony for the love you share. Calling him with nicknames is sure to create lasting memories to laugh and rejoice in the future. Here are some romantic nicknames to call your boyfriend.

Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

  1. Angel –  There are boy angels too
  2. Amor- Angel of love, if you guy surely is
  3. Abhas – Call his Abhas if you want to applaud his intelligence and wit
  4. Bubloo – This is a cute nickname for a guy who is chubby and sweet
  5. Bubsy – Name for a super cute guy who always is warm to hug
  6. Cutie pie – Not just kids, your guy can also be called this way
  7. Munchkin – Cute name for short boys who behave as cute as a child
  8. Chico – Cute name for boyfriend that means little and cute
  9. Dude – When you get sarcastic, try calling him dude.
  10. My monster – Call him monster when he is mad at you, it may change his mood.
  11. Hero – No guy in the world wouldn’t fall for this word
  12. Teddy – Best call name for a boyfriend who is warm and snuggle
  13. Kiddo- Call him kiddo when he does something immature
  14. Prince – When your guy requires royal treatment
  15. Rock star – Call him a rock star when you want to appreciate him
  16. Sweetie pie – Best nickname for a boy whose nature is as sweet as candy.
  17. Topo – When he does something quiet and sneaky as a mouse.
  18. Charming- Cute nicknames for your boyfriend who is also super cute
  19. Cookie- When he is super cute, and you couldn’t resist hugging him
  20. Dumpling – When you feel like eating him for his cute cheeks
  21. Handsome – Common name to call your man
  22. Hottie- When your guy dresses up pretty handsome
  23. Twinkle- For handsome guys with lustrous eyes
  24. Honey- Sweet nickname for the sweet boy
  25. Sunshine- When you feel your guy is everything in your life
  26. Sparky- For sharp and intelligent boys
  27. Puppy- Common name to use when you want to pamper him
  28. My chipmunk-  Cute name for cute sweet boys
  29. Mr. Clumsy- When he can’t keep things organized
  30. Mickey- Cute name for boys with cute and sharp features
  31. Twinkie – For bright-faced boys
  32. Bookworm – When your boy is more interested in books than you
  33. Chief – Sarcastic name when he passes orders
  34. Captain – Sarcastic name when you want to follow his orders
  35. Falcon – Cute nickname for courageous boys
  36. Ninja – For brave and strong boys
  37. Cuddlie – When he is too cute for a cuddle
  38. Hulk – When you man has a strong physique
  39. Leech – When he is sticking around with you every time
  40. Tornado – Name to call your boyfriend with intense emotions for you.
  41. Tsunami – When he gets grumpy, maybe it will change his mood
  42. Wolverine – Name to call a fast and ferocious man
  43. Pusa- Means good flavor
  44. Pasha – Means master, call him pasha to enhance a sense of belonging
  45. Hubby – When you are serious in your relationship with him
  46. Love – Commonly used nickname; ‘the love of my life’
  47. Baby – Universal name to term a loved one
  48. Nugget – When you guy gets silly at times
  49. Sunny – If he is full of wisdom and clear as the sun
  50. Beanstalk – Cute name for your boyfriend if he is too tall.
  51. Rocky – For a man with super strong muscles
  52. Ziggy – Cool name for a cool boy

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