6 Things to Avoid While Breaking Up With Him

No matter what the reason is, goodbyes are always tough. Life happens and things do not often work out between most of the couples and it is shattering. But keep calm as this too shall pass. Even if things have turned out to be worse and extremely bitter in between two of you, do not go overboard by hating each other. Here are a few things to avoid while breaking up:

  1. No abusing and insulting

things to avoid while breaking up


Things have already gone worse and you will be killing it further by abusing each other or insulting. When you have finally decided to end the things and move on, do it like matured people and finish it. Unnecessary abusing and insulting would take you guys nowhere. Instead, end the things on a good note even if you are not going to meet each other ever again.

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  1. No throwing away or returning the gifts

Most of the couples who are breaking up tend to return the gifts which they exchanged with each other when they were together. This is one of the pathetic things to do and is totally illogical. Practically, the gifts are of no use to the other person and emotionally, they were given out of love, so keep them with you as good memories.

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  1. Not making stories and leaking personal details

things to avoid while breaking up


In most of the cases, things get extremely worse between the breaking couples and anger is the first outcome of it. And as a reaction to this action, people start sharing their personal details about sex life, physical character, and a lot of other things about their partner with their friends. This is a mere case of character shaming your partner in front of other people. Everyone should highly avoid this.

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  1. Not wishing omen for each other

Yes, karma is there and karma is a bitch but you guys don’t have to be. There is already a lot of pressure. Let’s not make the things worse by wishing omen for each other. Stay calm, let the karma work.

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  1. Not pressurizing the other person in any way

‘I am going to cut my nerves’ or ‘I am going to call and throw tantrums at your house’ should never be a scene. Pressuring the other person while you are breaking up with them is totally not needed. If the other person has made his mind, no matter what but he would do what he wants. So, involving friends and family in this matter is always a bad decision.

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  1. No unnecessary arguments


You guys are already on the verge of ending things that means you both must have already talked a lot about it. So, there is no meaning of stretching the conversation unnecessary at the last moment. It would waste your time and effort either making you guys hate each other or falling weak when nothing can be done. So avoid it as much as you can.

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