6 Tips To Help You Choose The Correct Shampoo

Hooked to one shampoo since ages? It is the time to make a switch and explore other options just to find what actually suits your hair. But, how can you choose the correct shampoo for your hair?

Well, you have to pay attention to few things. Just a nice brand is not enough to purchase a shampoo.

P.S. – Yes, choosing the shampoo should be a great deal just like choosing the perfect LBD.

  1. Check if your chosen shampoo has parabens

All in all, make sure that your shampoo is parabens-free. This is because parabens are harsh on our hair and make them brittle.

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  1. Scalp test, be the priority

Choose The Correct Shampoo


It is not only about the tresses but also about our scalp. Basically, shampoos are meant only for scalp than for hair, and thus care should be taken that your chosen shampoo is mild on your scalp.

If the shampoo is not mild, or has detergents, or has ingredients which your scalp cannot really handle, then chances are high that your scalp will become itchier.

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  1. Low/no chemicals

Well, coming out of the bubble, we have to agree with the fact that none of the shampoos come without any chemicals. But the strategy here is to choose a shampoo which has low chemicals in them.

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  1. Consider the pH level

Choose The Correct Shampoo


This is something we do not consider seriously. Our scalp has certain pH level, generally in the range of 4.5 – 5. The pH level of your shampoo should be similar to the PH level of your scalp. The key here is to find a pH balanced shampoo, or test the pH of your shampoo using a pH testing kit.

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  1. If nothing goes right, stick to herbal shampoos

It is best to use herbal products for your hair and skin. If you cannot use a pure herbal shampoo, then you can choose the shampoo which has at least one or two herbal ingredients.

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  1. Check your hair type

Needless to say, it is very important to choose the shampoo which is suitable for your hair type. If your hair are oily, then choosing the shampoo which has oil extracts is a complete no. Similarly, if your hairs are dry, then clay soaking shampoo should be wrong. So, choose the shampoo in accordance to your hair type.

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