6 Types of Girls We All Have In Our Group Chats

Group chats are fun! So many friends at a single platform, at a time – wow! However, apart from that, there are a few types of friends that are common in every group chat, no matter what! Here are a few personalities that are a part of almost all groups. Get ready to shout oh-so-relatable, and don’t forget to tag your friends.

  1. The spammer

types of friends in group chats


She is the one who has no idea what the hell is going on in your group. All she is concerned with is to share funny GIFs, and message forwards. She is the one who will disregard if an event is being planned or a hang-out, all she will do is spam the group with unwanted memes, finally, forcing everyone in the group to mute the notifications just to avoid 500 notifications per day.

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  1. The ghost

types of friends in group chats


We’re sure, you’ll definitely have a ghost friend in your group who is a part of your group since the very beginning but has never uttered a word since then. Yes, they see your messages but never reply! It seems they are just having their own favorite time with popcorns and secretly reading all your conversations and messages.

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  1. The picture replier

We all have a DSLR friend, whose only job is to share pictures of your recent hang-outs, birthday parties, and the likes. The whole group looks upon her for having recent pictures to be posted on Facebook and as DPs!

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  1. The gossip queen

types of friends in group chats


Then there is a gossip queen who is dangerous of all. She will share the latest gossips and drama and would even create a new group to talk about someone from the last group chat. She although brings juicy news, but can gossip even about you, so it is better to not involve too much!

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  1. The mom

She is the admin of the group and takes care that group is run in moderation. She will make plans and make sure that the group is active, and finds happiness in uploading group DPs from time to time.

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  1. The naughty friend

types of friends in group chats


She is the one who will find something dirty in everything that the group chats about, thus diverting the group from the original conversation. The group gets hyperactive, and can even land you in serious trouble if the conversation is read by your parents.

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