6 Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath You Didn’t Know About

Let’s face it. Brushing teeth daily doesn’t do much in fighting bad breath. And whole bad breath is annoying for others; it is also embarrassing for you. Definitely, you won’t want that people run away from you due to your bad breath. Not anymore!

  1. Brush your tongue

Well, yes, this might sound a bit awkward. We brush our teeth, but actually who brushes the tongue? Perhaps, you should do! If brushing your tongue is sounding a bit weird to you, scrape your tongue before you leave your washroom after brushing teeth. Our tongue behaves as a dish for serving bad breath causing bacteria and brushing or scraping the teeth removes gunk and gives you a fresh smelling mouth throughout.

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2. Green tea

If you are out and looking for ways to freshen your breath, just hop at the coffee shop and order some green tea. Green tea due to the presence of antioxidants in it, destroy certain compounds in the mouth that lead to tooth decay and give you bad breath.

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3. Saltwater

This one is a simple remedy for getting rid of bad breath. All you need is to mix a pinch of salt in water and do some gargles. It would not only help you fetch relief from bad breath but is also equally effective if you are having canker sores.

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4. Fennel seeds

Had a meal? Just chew a few fennel seeds. It would not only enhance the saliva production but would also help you fight the bad breath.

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5. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits can also help you fight the bad breath if you don’t have any other option available to you! Citrus fruits stimulate your salivary glands which produce more saliva and thus gifting you a fresh breath.

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6. Use an instant spray mouth-freshener

Be kiss ready anytime with the instant mouth fresher. Just spray it in your mouth and you are good to go!

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