6 Ways to Make Your Crush Notice You Without Actually Talking to Him

Crushes are amazing! You never know if they know about you or even know your name. So how to make your crush notice you? While some girls are just so extrovert to start a conversation with their crush while others are a bit shy and may be lazy, and look for a sneakier approach. It is hard to catch your crush’s eyes, but not at all impossible.

  1. Find out his interests

crush notice you


Since he is your crush, it is only obvious that you are well-aware of his likes and dislikes. So, if football attracts him, make it a point that you head on to football court with your friends after class. Chances are high that he will notice you, and you can cheer him if you want to!

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  1. A random compliment goes a long way

crush notice you


Yes, we know, there is an endless list you would like to compliment your crush for. He is so cute to his hairstyle, his way of talking, and his caring nature and blah blah, you are already a huge fan of him. But how about complimenting him? Start with their Facebook profile picture, and if you have guts, you can buzz them online too. This is surely going to make your crush notice you.

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  1. Plan out a get-together and don’t forget to ask your common friends to invite him too!

Wow! Planning a group hang out is an amazing way to get that much-needed attention of your crush. This also won’t pressurize you plus would also get you his attention. It is far better than awkward one-on-one time. Bonus, if you can ask your friends to compliment you regarding your looks while he is around! He is surely going to notice, mark my words!

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  1. Wear your smile

crush notice you


Smiling is one way to catch his attention without talking. Smile often while he is around, but make sure it is not looking too much creepy.

  1. Make eye contact

Gather guts, and make eye contact with him. Maybe when you are together in a group, or during class or whatever. It is just a good way to catch his attention while also making him know that you are paying attention to him.

  1. Make your online presence felt

crush notice you


Okay, so you are online and so is he? But how to make him know that? Like his photos on Instagram and Facebook – posts, tweets, everything. Make him know you are his fan and this is surely going to make him talk to you. And when he starts a conversation, you have something to talk about: “So you visited Udaipur last weekend? I love that city!”. umm.. And it is all set!

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