7 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Life When You are Broke

Adulting is tough, isn’t it? Every 20s something person knows the cons and the cons of adulting. And if you are staying away from your home, then adulting is probably the worst thing ever. From the fancy house rent to electricity bills, Wi-Fi and Netflix charges – you need to incur all your expenses on your own. Result – by the mid of the month, you are ‘broke’.

But being broke does not mean that your life has ended. It does not mean that you cannot enjoy your life and you have to be a potato on the couch. You still can enjoy life when you are broke and here is how.

  1. Visit Low Budget Places

When you are broke you cannot hit the fancy places and have fancy brunches. In such a case, you may look out for the places near your vicinity and hit those places. There are a lot of small cafes, eateries, and hotels where you can have amazing food at reasonable prices. This way, you can enjoy your weekend without spending much.

  1. Hangout at the Parks

7 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Life Even When You are Broke


This sound a bit old school, right? But believe us, this is one of the best ways to spend your weekend away from the hush-hush of city.  Go out, explore parks, local markets and other free places wherein you have not been in a long time and see the change. We’re sure you will love it.

  1. Cook with Your Friends

Don’t have enough money to buy pizzas and burgers? You can plan cooking sessions with your roommates and cook something delicious and have a great time. Trust me guys, cooking sessions with your buddies is something soothing and for a change, it is entertaining as well.

  1. Plan Sleepovers at Your and Your Friend’s Place

7 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Life Even When You are Broke


So what if you cannot plan for the parties at clubs or the lounges? You can plan for some pajama parties as in sleepovers at either your or your friend’s house. Enjoying sleepovers with some Maggi, soft drinks, chocolates, good movies and lots of gossips is really fun. Try it, it would be the best stress buster ever. Do not forget to permission from your mom though. *wink*

  1. Ditch the Salon Appointments and Try DIYs


Girls being girls during the weekends! Either we are brunching on the Sundays or we have salon appointment for hair spa, face cleaning, and manicure. But when you don’t have money to spend on salon treatment, you can trust some DIY options.

Do some DIYs for to clean up your face or give your hair a spa treatment at home. As they say, you do not need money in your account to pamper yourself. All you need is self-love.

  1. Occupy Yourself with Something Creative

7 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Life Even When You are Broke


The feeling of being broke will hit you every now and then till your salary is credited. But till then, you can keep yourselves occupied by doing something creative. Love painting, photography, doing up your home, or any other thing? Simply undertake crafting and DIY projects and relive your stress.

  1. Read Books and Binge Watch Movies/Series

7 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Life Even When You are Broke


When you know that the broke feeling is going to hit you, stack up your laptops with amazing series and some fab movies. You can also read some books while eating some wafers and chips.

Do not let this feeling of being broke engulf you! Keep the spirits high, and enjoy.

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