7 Awesome Moments We All Have Lived With Our Boyfriends

Love hate relationship is no different. You might hate each other immensely but you cannot stop falling for each other every while. Amidst all those fights and crazy on-off sessions, we all have certain moments with our BAE which always remain special. Here, we are talking about some of the common awesome moments we all have lived with our boyfriends.

  1. Those cute texts after huge fights

special messages from him after those fights


Now, agree with us, there is nothing cuter than those special messages from *him* after those fights. Have you felt your hearts melt a little more at that moment? Aww! He is so cute. The fights really do not matter when he makes up with such things.

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  1. That birthday surprise though

What is a better feeling than getting awesome surprises on your birthday from him? He makes all the efforts to make you smile, right? Birthdays become even more special where he gets himself involved in it and does so many preparations for you.

  1. The exotic dinner dates

Everyone has those dreams of going on a perfect date in an open air restaurant with their man, for sure. We all have lived this moment and all thanks to him. It is so good to watch him over the candle light and have some great romantic talks.

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  1. Those not so feeling well days

need a lot of care and pamper


There are days when you do not feel good and need a lot of care and pamper. It is he who gives you all the special attention and takes care like a baby which makes you go totally gaga over him. Can I lie a bit, that I am not feeling well!

  1. Those sexts which make you *kinky*

awesome feeling secretly in our relationship


This is the common scene in every relationship. Agree or not, but we all have experienced this awesome feeling secretly in our relationship. And the feeling is AAAAmazing. The nights which we spent far from each other also become so romantic.

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  1. Those exotic shopping sprees which he hates

Boys generally do not like shopping but they go with us ONLY because we like it. But those moments where he is really not into it, he makes every effort to make you happy. Can we love him a little more, for all his efforts!

  1. When he tries to cook

cutest when he tries to cook


He looks the cutest when he tries to cook. Even if he loves cooking, it is extremely adorable to watch him struggle with the utensils, vegetables, ingredients and many other things. Other than everything else, it is great to see his efforts.

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