7 Bad Skin Care Habits You Need to Give Up in Your 20s

If you are in your 20s, you are probably having the best time of your life. From studying in college to getting your first job, finding your love, and what not? 20s is the time when you experience a lot of things for the first time. But do not let all these changes happening in your life take a toll on your skin. Here are 7 bad skin care habits that you need to get rid of. Check out!

  1. Sleeping with makeup on

Bad Skin Care Habits


TBH, we all have been here, at least at some point of our life. After coming back from the crazy parties or a hectic day, how many of us really bother remove the makeup from our face?

This is where we go wrong. Sleeping with your makeup on is extremely bad for your skin. Thus, no matter clean your face properly before you catch your zzzz. Simply use coconut oil or olive oil to clean the makeup, and you are good to sleep.

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  1. Using duplicated or cheap makeup products

Let’s face it: we are tight on our budget during our 20s and we always tend to save. In this process, we don’t think twice before using cheap makeup products. But this can be harmful to the skin. So, in order to save some bucks, do not compromise with the quality.

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  1. Ignoring the sunscreen

Your skin is always prone to the sun tan and other sun issues. Using the sunscreen is always a better idea to protect your skin and keep it youthful.

  1. Not going for regular clean ups

Bad Skin Care Habits


Clean up is really very important for the skin. And going to the salon for regular clean-up is a must. Professional clean up would help your skin with proper massage and would de-tan your face thus promoting regular blood supply and enhancing your natural glow.

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  1. Staying up late

Staying up late and using your phones harms your skin and it is one of the bad skin care habits. Not to forget, it even leads to dark circles. And if you attend too many calls, it can even result in breakouts as your phone’s screen is a home to various bacteria.

Thus, make sure that you have a sound sleep, at least for the sake of your skin.

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  1. Not having enough water

Bad Skin Care Habits


One of the bad skincare habits is not drinking enough water. Skipping water and not consuming it enough not only leads to dehydration but can also deteriorate your skin and result in wrinkles, fine lines, undernourished skin, and a lot of other skin issues.

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  1. Not moisturizing enough

When you are in your 20s, stick to your moisturizer religiously. Skipping concealers, BB creams, foundation and all is fine. But skipping moisturizer is a total NO-NO. It keeps your skin nourished and glowy while also providing the required nutrition.

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