7 Easy Makeup Tips for the Girls Who Wear Glasses

We always stereotype the glasses look as the geek chic look. But, it is not always the case. Though the geek chic look is never outdated and there are so many stylish frames available in the market. But what we compromise on is doing the correct eye makeup while wearing glasses.

Wearing glasses does not mean you cannot do the sultry eye makeup but you just have to be precise about it. Here are a few makeup tips for the girls who wear glasses.

  1. Voluminous mascara is great

Makeup Tips for the Girls Who Wear Glasses


Instead of curling your lashes, you can use voluminous mascara to make your lashes look bigger. Curled lashes under your glasses would only look messy and not great at all.

So, it is always better to thicken your mascara so that your lashes look bigger and thicker. It will also make your eyes look bigger.

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  1. Dealing better with the brows

Brows play an important part on our face and if you are wearing glasses, then it is extremely important for you. Make sure that your brows are thicker. Go for either arched or flat brows but keep them bold.

  1. How about some eyeliner?

Makeup Tips for the Girls Who Wear Glasses


Let’s break the myth that girls wearing glasses cannot apply eyeliner. In fact, if the eyeliner is applied properly, it can make your eyes look gorgeous under the glasses. If you are wearing thicker glasses, do apply thicker eyeliner and vice versa.

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  1. Avoid heavy makeup while wearing glasses

We are talking about both the eye and the face makeup. Dark and heavy eye makeup does not look clean and neat from the glasses. It always looks like you have done too much. So, it is better to keep the eye makeup a bit low. Also, do not flaunt heavy makeup on your face as well.

  1. Keen details on the undertones

We recommend you to keep the undertones in the yellow base if you are a girl wearing glasses. It counters the shadow casted by the glasses on your face. The yellow undertone base would make your face look brighter.

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  1. Best eyeliner detail for you

makeup tips for the girls who wear glasses


This is one of the best makeup tips for the girls who wear glasses. You may be loving winged eyeliner, but for all the girls who wear glasses, it is always better to stick to the cat-eye liner. Cat eye would help to accentuate your eyes and make it look prettier from the glasses. This also makes your eyes look bigger than before. If you already have big eyes, you can skip this.

  1. Choose your frame properly

Yes, details about the frame are also really important. If you are someone who loves eye makeup then you should choose bigger frames because such frames cover your whole eye equally and make your makeup visible which is not the case if you wear glasses with a smaller frame.

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Featured Image: Pexels