7 Effective Skin Care Tips for Holi to Stay Flawless

Holi is all about fun! We cannot wait to hit the crazy Holi parties and enjoy it to the core. Gulaal, pakka rang, water tubs, Bollywood music, Bhaang, cocktails, pool parties and so many exciting things await us on this day. But, are you already worried about the aftermath of Holi colors you on your skin? Fret not. Here are some reliable skin care tips for Holi you should follow.

P.S – We promise not to replay the ‘apply oil, cover your skin’ and blah blah which you have been reading everywhere.

  1. Hydrate yourself well

This is one of the most important skin care tips for Holi which most of us often ignore. We would highly recommend you to drink ample amount of water all day long. This would keep your skin nourished and would prevent the colors from penetrating inside your skin.

Thus, go ahead and drink your favorite cocktails and juices all day long!

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  1. Use soothing agents

Gulaal and pakka rang have a lot of chemicals in them. To counter their effect, it is highly recommended to use soothing agents like Aloe vera gel, cucumber juice and rose water for curing rashes and skin irritation.

  1. Say yes to the nail paints

skin care tips for Holi


Do you know that Holi colors can take a toll on your nails and can ruin their texture, making them dry? One of the best skin care tips for Holi  is to apply a thick coat of dark-colored nail paint. Further, also apply some Vaseline underneath the nails on the skin so that the colors do not enter the nail bed.

  1. Apply Sunscreen because it is important

How many of you remember to apply the sunscreen before going to the Holi party? As compared to the other days, your skin is more likely to get tanned on Holi because you will be out in the sun for the entire day and will be in contact with water. So, applying sunscreen with high SPF is very important.

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  1. Use cleansing agents over soap

Avoid using soap because the alkaline level of the soap will make your skin drier. Instead, you should use cleansing agents like lemon juice and sandalwood for cleaning the colors gently. You can also use white flour mixed with turmeric for cleaning your skin.

  1. Avoid exfoliating completely

We all become extremely harsh on our face and body after playing Holi. It is a common practice that girls scrub the colors with soap harshly and end up with rashes on their skin. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid exfoliation and be gentle.

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  1. Use vinegar to remove itchiness

The colors that we use to play Holi do not only cause dryness and irritation on the skin but also cause itchiness to an extreme level. To reduce this irritation, you can mix few drops of vinegar in your bathing water and take bath with it. Make sure that the last rinse is from this water with vinegar only so that the effect lasts longer.

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