7 Effective Ways To Keep Your Curls In Place

Do you love curls and like to curl your hair on important occasions? But if you are like me, curls automatically fall flat by the time you enter the function. Not anymore! Here are a few tricks which would help you to keep your curls in place. Find out.

  1. Use serum on your hair before curling

The serum is a magic potion for your hair, even more than you can think. It makes hair smooth and untangled. Not only this, the application of serum prior to curling of hair or any hair styling would keep the hairstyle locked for hours.

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  1. Skip conditioner

We all want to look our best and so most of us tend to condition our hair thoroughly thinking that this would give the best curls. Not true though! Deep conditioning makes your hair silky and smooth such that they find it difficult to hold curls.

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  1. Set the correct temperature

curling hair


It is very important to set the correct temperature in order to curl your hair properly. While too high temperature can burn your hair, similarly, a low temperature might not curl your hair properly.

Girls with thin hair should set the curling iron at 300 degrees. However, if you have coarse and thicker hair, 350 degrees should work fine for you.

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  1. Do not comb after doing the curls

curling hair


Once you have done the curls, avoid touching and combing them. Combing would make your curls loose and flat. So, just keep your curls untouched after styling them.

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  1. Damp your hair if you are using rollers

Sprinkle water on your hair before using the rollers to get firm curls. This will make your curls more bouncy, intact and firm. Even better idea is to use the rollers on totally wet hair.

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  1. Prep your hair

keep your curls in place


Apart from using the curlers and the rollers, you can also braid your hair tightly and then lock the waves using a straightener on your braids. Thereafter, use a blow dryer or a curler to keep your curls in place.

  1. Set your curls with a hairspray

Once you have curled your hair, lock the hairstyle using a hairspray. However, make sure that you do not use a heavy hairspray which might add weight to your curls, making them droop.

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