7 Exciting Career Options For Science Students Apart From Engineering

Life of science students is hard. Yes, we mean, Alia jokes have faded but the jokes on the engineers never seem to fade till eternity. If you are not willing to be a part of the classic memes and do not ever want to be an engineer, here are some happening options for you girls. No, we are not against engineering and we do not hate engineers (how can we as we also have hell lot of engineers within our friends and family) but we are just making the scope broader for you. All you PCM students, life is much more than engineering if you look ahead.

Here are a few exciting career options for science students.

  1. Ethical hacking

career options for science studentsMind you again, it is ‘ethical’ hacking! It is one of the top-notch offbeat career options for science students which can be hell interesting to learn and ethical hackers have a much happening life than the engineers. The package which the ethical hackers earn is totally lit. As an ethical hacker, one can work in the fields of Security Consultant, Network Security Administrator and the like.

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  1. Statistics

career options for science studentsAre you excellent in Mathematics unlike most of us *wink*? Don’t worry you are not an alien and you can enjoy an exciting career in life. You can spend your entire day crunching the numbers which you enjoy to the core.

Financial Analyst, Algorithm Designer, Data Science, Insurance Underwriter, and Investment are some of the career opportunities for the students taking up statistics.

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  1. Architecture

The personality of the architects is highly appreciable. They work on the designs of the buildings. If you want to pursue Architecture, you must have critical thinking, observational skills, aesthetic sensitivity and an excellent eye for the detail.

Landscape architecture, Interior design, Architectural conservation, Urban Planning and others are some of the exciting career opportunities in the field of architecture.

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  1. Aviation

Aviation is a mix of technology, science, and travel which would give you a career off from 9 to 5. Though taking up the course in aviation does not always mean to study to become a pilot. You can be a commercial pilot and fly the cargo planes for the transport. You can also become an Aircraft maintenance engineer and work with the aircraft manufacturing firms.

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  1. Merchant navy

Do you like travelling and getting paid for travelling? Also, while amidst all these getting respect for serving the country? Then, you know that merchant navy is the career where you have to head to. You will be working with the merchant ship of the country and serving for none other but Mother India and that is the feeling of ultimate pride.

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  1. Fashion technology

career options for science students

A lot of science students have a knack for fashion but they do not get the perfect exposure to showcase their skills. The reason is not knowing the vast diversity of the fashion genre. Fashion technology is something the science students can take up as a career and work with the branded fashion houses, work for the fashion magazines and blogs and also work for the garment manufacturing industries.

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  1. Animation and graphics

Graphic Designer is one of the best career options for science students that can be taken up today because all the blogs and media companies are in a lookout for excellent graphic and animation designer. Your scope of work includes character animation, cartoon design, game design, and digital art along with the plethora of other things.

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