7 Life Goals to Have in Your Twenties

They say: 20s is the best time of your life! This is the time when you are slowly transitioning from your teenage to adulthood. This is the time when you set realistic goals, and make way for lifetime memories.

However, this is also the time when you will receive a lot of recommendations from others. Do not take them to your heart, and do not jump off the cliff yet! More importantly, focus on your growth, and enjoy your life.

Here are a few life goals which you might want to explore, just in case, if they resonate to your personality (*wink*).

  1. To travel as much as possible

Life Goals to Have in Your Twenties

One thing that you must have in your bucket list in your 20s is to travel as much as possible. Once life happens, and you get stuck in a corporate job, or get married – traveling won’t be as easy as it is now! Plan budget vacations, explore the world, go on hiking trips, and push the boundaries.

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  1. To have the dream career to settle for

One of the beauties of 20s is that you can still experiment a lot. You can switch jobs, move to a different city, or change your career path altogether.  You are still in your happy space, and making big decisions will not impact you and your family as it would in 30s. Thus, take the right decisions, and work on your career.

  1. To keep yourself as your priority

Life Goals to Have in Your TwentiesAfter this decade, you will surely be not able to keep the entire focus on you and you will have a lot of other things to prioritize. Thus, keep yourself on the top priority while you are still in your 20s and do not feel guilty about it. It is okay to think about yourself before others.

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  1. To spoil yourself like crazy

Make the most of your 20s and spoil yourself. Do not think a lot before spending some chunk of your hard earned money on you. You deserve some self-pampering sessions of your choice. Do not feel guilty about it either.

  1. To make your parents proud of you

How can you even forget your parents for all the things they did for you? You are surely grateful to them but now is the time to make them proud. Do whatever it takes for this and your heart will be the happiest. This is surely as important as other life goals of yours in your 20s.

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  1. To learn something new every year in this decade

Life Goals to Have in Your TwentiesYou will have to take care of a lot of responsibilities after this decade. Hence, in your 20s, find time for your hobbies. Invest time in yourself and to improve yourself as a person, learn something new and emerge out to be a well-informed person.

  1. To become self-sufficient and independent

And finally, the best life goal in your 20s should be becoming self-sufficient and independent. Be brave enough to take your responsibility and this will be the start of your adult life. You would be too late if you don’t become independent at this age.

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