7 Lipstick Mistakes To Avoid To Flaunt a Perfect Pout

From bold pink lips to offbeat orange and oxblood, different lip colors can transform the look completely. But whatever the color you choose, making it last longer than usual has always been tough. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving your house with perfect bold lips and just after two sips of coffee you need to adjust your lipstick back again! Save yourself the frustration by avoiding these lipstick mistakes.

  1. Applying lipstick on non-exfoliated lips

Applying lipstick on non-exfoliated lips make lipstick look chapped. You don’t need to exfoliate your lips daily. But, yes, twice a week is necessary. Exfoliating the lips removes any dead cells from your lips and makes them soft. Take a few drops of coconut oil and add a few granules of sugar in it. This would serve as a natural exfoliant. If you are a bit lazy, even toothbrush can do the trick.

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  1. Over application of lipstick

lipstick mistakes


If you love gliding your lipstick layer after layer on your lips, just stop it there! In the aim of getting bold color, swiping your lipstick more than twice is not advisable. It undoubtedly enhances the color but also adds a lot of goopiness which is not desirable.

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  1. You’re using a tissue to blot

You already know that blotting your lips is an essential activity after application of lipstick and so you took help of a tissue paper. Wrong! This is one of the common lipstick mistakes we all are guilty of committing. Tissues have a lot of breakage in between and they tend to leave a lot of excess lipstick on your lips along with sucking the excess oil. It is highly recommended to use a plain piece of paper for best results.

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  1. Not using a lip liner

No, we are not talking about those bold vampire style lip liners. But the use of lip liners is very important to ensure that the lipstick color does not bleed. The best way is to wear a nude lip liner that matches a lot with your lip tone.

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  1. Forgetting the finger trick

lipstick mistakes


Lipstick on your teeth is just not sexy! And the best way to ensure is to gently insert your finger in your mouth, close to your lips and then pull it out. This would remove the excess product and would leave you flawless.

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  1. Not setting the lipstick

Fed up because your lipstick doesn’t last long? Well, this trick might help! Simply, set your lipstick by covering your lips with a translucent setting powder. This way your lipstick neither fades away nor slips!

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