7 Moments You Have If You Are In A Perfect Relationship With Your Partner

Love is all things magical. Those giddy yet romantic moments that you share when you are in love with someone is what makes you feel on top of the world.  The first time he kissed you, or how he took care of you when you fall sick are a few moments you don’t want to forget. Right? Let’s relive all those moments yet again! Here are a few things which you will experience if you are in a perfect relationship.

  1. Dressing up is occasional

perfect relationship with your partner


Remember those days when you used to put so much effort to dress up? From winged eyeliner to LBDs, everything used to be so perfect. But, now as you are more comfortable with him, you don’t hesitate to be in your pajamas in front of him. Messy hair and bad breath – you don’t think twice before meeting him. What matters most to you is that you are going to see him, right?

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  1. The ‘real’ selfie sharing

You must be rarely Instagramming your selfies without those attractive filters. But when it comes to sharing the pictures with your partner, you just click and send. Moreover, you send them all without bothering about his reaction. You don’t have to put in efforts to show your charm.

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  1. He does not bother that little hair

Only girls understand the problem of going for the eyebrows, upper lips, and waxing. We somehow try to manage but when you are in a relationship, then everything has to be perfect, correct? But if you are lucky enough and are in a perfect relationship then he surely does not mind that little extra hair and you are totally comfortable that way with him. Are you?

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  1. You guys accept those moody gestures

perfect relationship with your partner


You don’t have to worry about each other’s moody gestures and you don’t have to pretend to be normal just for talking with each other. You don’t have to hide your feelings and emotions. Both of you are extremely ready to accept each other’s ‘angry uselessly’ kind of moods and you don’t bother much about it and understand each other.

  1. Nothing such as ‘first him’

You guys have reached that point in your relationship where you no longer hesitate to make the first move. You want to be a bit wild on the bed and you don’t have to wait for him to make the first move. You are all ready to surprise him with all the love and the emotions that are hidden within you.

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  1. You can talk everything nonsense

perfect relationship with your partner 2


Your talks know no limits and no boundaries. You don’t have to be sophisticated in your talks. You no longer have to talk about everything romantic or everything intelligent. You talk everything from trending gossips to your irritating snoring habits – you can talk about it all. And the bonus here is that you do not get bored with these.

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  1. You make fun of each other

perfect relationship with your partner 3


Now that you have spent so much time together, you are more of the best friends and you share your most secrets with each other. Not to forget, you enjoy while insulting each other. He continuing to being fat or your no makeup look, you’ve pulled each other’s legs a lot of times in a healthy manner. But, when the need arises, you know he is always there at your back to support you.

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