7 Must Do Things With Your BFF Before You Get Married

The time spent with our BFFs is literally the best, isn’t it? We don’t need anyone else when we have our best friends beside us. Every damn thing with them is converted into memories. So, why not take this craziness a notch further?

Here is a fun bucket list of all the things that all BFFs must get engaged in before getting married!

  1. Get, set, go

things to do with your BFF


So, you both have been crazily planning to visit your favorite holiday destination – Goa, Ladakh or Europe? Believe us, there won’t be any better time than now!  Head out to the place of your dreams and enjoy a mad vacation.

It is even better if you both want to visit two different places. Make a plan to visit each of the destinations and have the best of your time. If possible, travel only with your BFF and make this trip just about the two of you.

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  1. Ink your friendship

things to do with your BFF


If you have always wanted to get inked, then be daring and get matching BFF tattoo. Make random plans and get inked together. Even better if you get inked with the same or similar designs! If tattoos are not your thing, get a piercing done together. These forever things are just perfect.

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  1. Friendship at work, yay?

things to do with your BFF


This may sound a bit crazy or weird but you all can take this bold step. Even if you are not from the same background, you can manage to take up one such job where both of you can work.

You might not earn big and might even face difficulty, but we’re sure you will handle it together. No, you don’t need to settle there for the whole of your life, but just a short period of working together is worth all the craziness that you guys share.

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  1. A crazy photoshoot

things to do with your BFF


We all love getting clicked, don’t we? What could be better than getting a themed crazy photo shoot done? Hire a professional photographer or just grab your one of the photographer friends. These crazy memories shared on Instagram would definitely set lit BFF goals for others.

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  1. Share an apartment together

If you are living in the same city away from home, it is quite easy for you to share the apartment. But, if you are living with your parents, then you can head out to another city for a while for some specific work, maybe for job, internship or any course and rent an apartment together. Decorate your cute little house with the cutest décor items, have crazy house parties and what not.

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  1. Learn something new and worthy

How about reliving your school days? Get set and make a plan to learn something new – it may be a new language, a dance form or cooking. It is never late to learn anything. So, go out and take up the lessons and learn something new and worthy while making tons of memories.

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  1. Raid all your favorite places in the city together

things to do with your BFF


We know by now you have already visited all the cool places of your city. But, why not visit all of them again with your BFF and make some amazing memories together?  This crazy place binging is something amazing to try out.

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