7 Questions You Need To Ask Your Mehndi Artist before Finalizing the Deal

Bridal mehndi is one of the most talked about affairs during a wedding. From symbolizing your husband’s love towards you to the affection of your in-laws – a lot is depicted well from your mehndi (well, at least according to Indian rituals). Undoubtedly, mehndi plays a wonderful role in making you beautiful, and thus, mehndi artist should not be chosen in a rush.

To ensure that you look your best during your big day and that the hands and legs look as beautiful as your face, here are 5 questions that you need to ask before choosing him.

1. What design would look better on my hands?

bridal mehndi


You might have a longer palm and shorter fingers, or longer fingers and shorter palm, or any other such combination – this definitely is going to have a big impact on how a mehndi design looks on you. Girls with longer fingers should go for designs that have detailed designing over fingers and so on. Crosscheck with your mehndi artist regarding the design that would suit best for you, and make a note of it. You may even click the pictures of the selected design to avoid last-minute arguments.

2. How would the color be like?

bridal mehndi


Light colored mehndi is a huge setback. In spite of spoiling your mood on that special day, confirm about the color beforehand. If possible, have a trial done.

This would not only speak about the mehndi quality but would also give you an idea of the efficiency of the artist. You would also get to check how neat and clean his designs are.

3. What ingredients will he be using?

You should especially check regarding this with your mehndi artist if you are a proud owner of sensitive skin. After all, you won’t like running to a skin specialist, just a day before your marriage!

Moreover, the ingredients also have a big say in determining the color of your mehndi. The original henna is somewhat orange-red in color.  Mehndi artists make use of a few ingredients which impart it that ripen color.

4. Is he an expert in copying and customizing designs?

bridal mehndi


Some mehndi artists carry a booklet with them and ask you to choose the design from it. It is essential that you confirm beforehand if he is good just at those designs or he can copy and customize other designs as well?

This should be specially asked if you have a choice of your own and want the artist to replicate it.

5. How much time will he take?

bridal mehndi


We all know the kind of rush that we have during the wedding. You won’t have any spare time with you and you won’t be able to afford to wait for him. Ask him to be punctual and show on time. Further, enquire how much time will he take during the whole process?

6. How many people would he come along with?

If you have the plan of applying mehndi to other family members as well, it is better that you ask him to come with other fellows as well. This way, the mehndi could be applied sooner and with efficiency. A single person applying mehndi to all would turn out unfeasible at that moment.

7. How much will he charge?

Ask about his charges. While some offer a fixed rate package, others charge on the basis of a number of hands mehndi is applied on. There are also others who would charge depending on the kind of design. For example, a dulha-dulhan design or a design with shehnai and doli would cost you more and so on.

And lastly, do enquire him about travel charges if any.

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