7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs To Spoil Herself Once In A While

I believe in being a narcissist. To be frank, I have not heard this word before but I did a year or two back. I always summed my love for myself as self-obsession. But there is a fine line between self-obsession and narcissism.

I am not saying there is anything bad in being self-obsessed, most of us are and it is extremely healthy. But what I want to say is – being a narcissist is extremely important. Narcissism means loving your own self to infinity and beyond. If you don’t love yourself enough, no one else is going to do that. Thus, it is completely healthy to treat yourself with everything that you can once in a while!

Let us have a quick look on why spoiling yourself once in a while is healthy for you.

  • Because Baby, you are worth it

spoil yourself once in a while


First things first, yes we all are worth it. It is us who can realize our own worth to the fullest. We all have some crazy and expensive dreams and wish lists. Never hesitate to fulfill them. Just go ahead and live that dream, no matter what.

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  • Self-love and pamper is serene

Don’t you think you need a break once in a while? We all love to be pampered in various ways. But why should you always expect your parents, friends or your boyfriend/husband to pamper you? Hit the floors yourself and live it. Want to dine in a 5-star hotel and have no one to accompany you? Just go yourself. Want to get a hair spa near the pool? Go get it yourself. It is serene and peaceful, and above all, very satisfactory.

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  • To feel like a queen

No matter what age group we might be in, but we all are working damn hard in our lives. We all need a break where everything is just at your command. Take a day off, take a break and just sit back and relax and just order things for yourself. Order great food, leave every work that you have for a day and you will surely get a chance to relive your inner queen.

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  • To get everything that you want

Maybe you must be having a Zara dress or a Dior bag on your wish list for quite some time but you are not so willing to spend that much amount of money on yourself. But you need to understand that you are the only one who can fulfill all your wishes. Instead of ditching your wishes, plan beforehand and save and then splurge. Trust me guys, the feeling is amazing.

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  • Because ‘YOLO’

spoil yourself once in a while


Yes, we all only live once. So, be impromptu and enjoy the happiness in every little thing. Do not delay things and never say No to good things. Enjoy the life that you have got and give yourself every little thing that you want.

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  • To teach other people how to treat you

Compromising and understanding the tough situations of your loved ones is good. But if you are the only one who is compromising, this might give a wrong message to the other person. So, don’t let people take you for granted in any way. This is really a small way in which you can spoil yourself and let others do too.

  • Because you have your own desires

spoil yourself once in a while


Everyone has desires, wishes and wants. We all are somehow busy in fulfilling the wishes of our loved ones. Somewhere deep down our heart, we are also expecting our wishes to be fulfilled by them. But, instead of expecting and making your life dependent, go and fulfill your desires by yourself.

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